Gianni Versace about family, fashion and himself
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December 2 marks the 73rd anniversary of the birth of one of the most famous Italian designers Gianni Versace. His name has become synonymous with the fashion of the eighties and it is to him that the world owes the appearance of the phenomenon of supermodels. re-reads one of the most famous biographies of the designer "Versace Myth", written by the journalist Mini Castel, and recalls that Gianni Versace spoke about his family, the fashion industry and himself.

Gianni Versace

About myself

"I am a tailor. When I arrived from Reggio Calabria in Milan, I had to forget everything that I learned from my mother, because everything was different here – both the environment and the sewing technology."

“In the seventies, I released my rebellious spirit, I tried to find a way to combine completely different forms and materials with each other like nobody has ever done before. At this time, contrasts first appeared in my fashion, later this will be the key to all my collections. "

"Why does Milan not love me? I work so much, I try to make women even more beautiful and feminine, and there is no enthusiasm in the press."

Brooke Shields in the Versace Advertising Campaign, 1980

"I remember how at the beginning of my career I was enthusiastic and it seemed to me that everything was possible: breaking the usual patterns, using different types of cuts, inconceivable materials, mixing everything in a row."

“I am strongly on the side of short skirts – it's young, dynamic, free and modern. No need to go far: take a look at what is happening this winter. Last season, only 30% of my Italian clients (traders) accepted my offer. The rest were not so bold but now they’re forced to shorten their skirts, because women demand it. ”

Versace Advertising Campaign, 1994

"We, Italians, are a restless people. We produce the finest fabrics in the world and do not want to rest on our laurels."

"I like to be in contact with rock musicians, they carry the energy of time, which also charges you. I am convinced that the designer’s creativity can have a huge positive effect on the electrification of Springsteen’s music or the tenderness of Sting’s music."

"Vulgar? Maybe I’m just brave. And the brave usually get great results."

Gianni Versace and models backstage of the 1992 Versace Couture show

About Versace and the fashion industry

“I find it funny when other fashion designers say that a fashion designer is not a tailor. It seems to me that the situation is quite the opposite: a true artist is the one who creates everything with his own hands.”

“When it came time to choose a symbol, I remembered one ancient myth: whoever loves Medusa has no salvation. So why not assume that if Versace conquers someone, then he will have no way back?”

"Why trousers? Because they are more modern, they are more suitable for the 1980s. I put them on everyone, even under the skirts of female models."

“The woman I dress is beautiful and seductive. I adore women. Armani clothes, on the contrary, create a less bright type of woman, a somewhat muffled style. What is usually called“ chic. ”For my part, I don’t see any“ chic ” "

Christy Turlington in Versace Campaign

"When drawing this or that dress, never forget that they will wear it, they will put it on, it should be useful – the combination of benefit and beauty is inseparable."

"We all perfectly understand that for the sake of this sparkle of sequins we have to sacrifice a lot."

"The idea of ​​creating Atelier Versace was born out of the desire for freedom. In addition, I am excited about the desire to direct efforts in a new direction. It will be a laboratory of ideas, a place open also for new technological research."

“Stop calling my fashion sexy. I don’t refuse the decorative period of my work, the“ Neo-Baroque ”stage, but I turned the page. My work is truly Italian in its essence, it grows from the brightness of colors and folk art. But you should always go into fashion forward, don't be afraid to experiment. "

“Most fashion designers live in an ivory tower. I, on the contrary, carefully monitor what is happening in the world from my observation post. I try to get used to the role of a modern woman. I work and I’m constantly in the stream that raises then lowers me. "

"Fashion will only survive if it strives beyond reality. Of all my dresses, the most unusual is the best sold, the one that was said to not be worn."

Advertising Campaign Gianni Versace, 1987

About family

“I spoke many times about the distant episodes of my childhood that today may seem invented, fictional, unreal. I remember the unusually elegant black velvet dress, my mother tried on it for one of her clients, Signora Ippolito. Every movement of my mother is now in front of my eyes "I see a woman changing under her arms as if by magic."

Gianni Versace in childhood

“He was my victim,” Gianni told of Santo’s brother. “I turned them around as I wanted, took his pocket money, I knew that dad would give him more.”

"After the death of his mother, his father looked lost, deserted, aged one hundred years. We could not establish a relationship for a long time. Our reconciliation happened in the church. We stood embracing and were silent. We all had tears in our eyes. Our past life returned, mother returned, returned "South, its sun and its pain. Then we moved home. It was a day filled with tenderness."

"I was lucky, I have a wonderful family. It happens, we are desperately arguing, but it is always in the interests of the work that we are doing. And we really love to get together. Whatever it is."

Versace family, 1976

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