Giorgio Armani's new step in the fight against coronavirus
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Giorgio Armani is one of the most active coronavirus fighters in the fashion industry. He was one of the first to make a large donation of 1.25 million euros, then bought the pages in 60 Italian newspapers, where he thanked doctors and nurses across the country for their daily feat. His new step is Armani will start producing medical gowns for doctors, the acute shortage of which is now felt not only in Italy, but around the world. Signor Armani allocated another 750,000 euros for the project.

Giorgio Armani

Recall that the Prada brand has already taken up the production of protective equipment for doctors in Europe, and in the USA Ralph Lauren is trying to close this issue. One of the largest American brands announced the release of 250 thousand protective masks and 25 thousand medical gowns. Ralph Lauren's charitable foundation also donated $ 10 million to combat the coronavirus epidemic. In Ukraine, local designers also joined forces in tailoring suits for medical staff. The initiative group was organized by Svetlana Bevza, to which the brands Frolov, TAGO, Bobkova have already joined.

FROLOV Brand Team

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