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Despite the fact that, in announcing the new model, representatives of Tankoa Yachts said that will have to wait until the Monaco show in September, it happened much earlier.

Of course, to consider the boat in detail can only 2018 visitors to the Monaco Yacht Show. But if to speak about scale and appearance, they can be estimated already now — in the photo taken in the Italian city of Genoa, where Solo S701 launched.

Designed by Francesco Paszkowski (interior design — along with a Margherita Casprini), a yacht between 26 to 29 September, will be exhibited at the international boat show, and by November 15, 2018, will reach the owner, an experienced European yachtsman.

Recall that the new model is very similar to Suerte (S693), only 3 meters long.

Other key differences Solo, according to representatives of the Tankoa Yachts include: underwater catalytic exhaust pipe that ensures growth on all decks, a large Conservatory, the aft deck with a large 6 meter high glass swimming pool and panoramic area on the upper deck.

The longer waterline also allows you to optimize the maximum speed of the vessel and reduce fuel consumption.

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