Horseman of the Apocalypse: XOMEHKO spring-summer 2020
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XOMEHKO is a new gender-neutral clothing brand created by designer Yasey Khomenko in 2019.

While the world is in constant fear of the future, the designer does not identify with the impending catastrophe, passively observing and allowing what is happening to entertain her. The brand’s spring-summer collection tells the story of a monumental artificial apocalypse inspired by installations of Thomas Hirschhorn. The line looks theatrical and, at first glance, even naive. The designer deliberately introduces a lot of "useless" details that enhance the mood of complete loss and life after the end.

The hero or heroine of XOMEHKO does not seem to have sex. In the view of designer Yasi Khomenko, when it comes to global changes, such things no longer matter. Simple, at first glance, things are complicated by complex textures. Yasya addresses the theme of myths and presents dresses and shirts with print in the form of apparel of antique sculptures created in collaboration with Ukrainian artist and sister, designer Lesia Khomenko.

The designer also uses crumpled knit texture to realize the idea of ​​reconstruction. All the recycled things in the collection personify the mess that people leave in the old world, and which Yasya constantly leaves behind.

Both categories make up the part of the collection that the designer calls “uniforms”. They are similar and different at the same time. This group is inspired by the Osho camp, which was located in Oregon, where people were dressed in all shades of red, but each in its own way.

Yasia Khomenko has been interested in recycling and changing the context of things for many years. In 2011, she launched RCR Khomenko, a local gender-neutral brand that promotes the values ​​of informed consumption and fostered a local consumer's love of upscaling.

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