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On February 4, OSCAR FASHION EXHIBITION was held as part of Ukrainian Fashion Week, which was attended by Alena Lavrenyuk, Sabina Musina, Anastasia Masyutkina, Irina Gorovaya and many other well-known Ukrainian women. Especially for the exposition, organized by OSCAR Dry Clean Studio, a clothing cleaning and redesign studio, they provided their own dresses from Ukrainian designers, in which they appeared on red carpet, important events, or chose for their own momentous moments.


Svetlana Yuldasheva

Sustainable fashion is the main trend of the fashion industry, which is even supported by members of the royal families, putting on the same thing several times. The idea that clothes should not be disposable is close to the OSCAR Dry Clean Studio team, which does everything to make your favorite things happy for as long as possible.

Seven heroines supported the project. The founder of Ukrainian Fashion Week, Irina Danilevskaya, chose the Bevza snow-white ensemble consisting of a dress and a cape for an exhibition; model Tatyana Bogdan presented an emerald trouser pair of two ARTEMKLIMCHUK, Tayanna provided a sparkling dress from Tanya Muinho, which Irina Gorovaya took out for the first time from the wardrobeCHEMK light ARTEMK red carpet of the M1 Music Awards, Alena Lavrenyuk showed Aina Gassa the dress created for the Golden Dzig ceremony, Sabina Musina shared a TAGO costume, and blogger Anastasia Masyutkina showed off AZ ARTEMKLIMCHUK, in which she went on her first date with her future husband.


“Each thing has its own story, and the more memorable moments are associated with it, the more we want to save it,” says Svetlana Yuldasheva, managing partner of OSCAR Dry Clean Studio, which has been helping us all to extend the life of our beloved thing for many years. .

Irina Gorovaya and Svetlana Yuldasheva

Tayanna and Svetlana Yuldasheva

I agree with her and Irina Danilevskaya, who urges everyone not to be afraid and not be shy to put on their favorite dresses again and again. “The planet will thank you,” she summed up.


Anastasia Masyutkina

Alena Lavrenyuk

Alexey Prischepa

Svetlana Yuldasheva

Tatyana Tucha

Irina Gorovaya

Diana Gloucester

Svetlana Yuldasheva and Anastasia Masyutkina

Irina Danilevskaya

Tatyana Bogdan

Alena Lavrenyuk

Sabina Musina

Alexey Prischepa and Svetlana Yuldasheva

Sabina Musina and Svetlana Yuldasheva

Elvira Hasanova

Katro Sauber

Tatyana Tucha (left)

Tayanna and Sabina Musina


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