How to assemble an image for a New Year's corporate party: 5 stylist tips
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How to assemble an image for a New Year corporate party © Love Republic / MUMU turned for advice to the stylist-image-maker of music videos and stars of Ukrainian show business, the founder of the brand "My Own" – Olga Ipatova.


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If the evening does not have a specific theme and stylization, first of all, you need to find out the place where everything will happen, that is, conduct a "development of the location." After all, one of the goals is to get great photos, so not to merge in color with a sofa in a restaurant is a prerequisite! recommended the stylist and listed tips that will help you to collect an unrivaled New Year's image.

Colour. Silver is very important this year – a perfect decision is to choose a dress with sequins, metallic thread or shiny fringe, as the shine will separate from any color combination. Just remember that in order not to compete with the Christmas tree, shine remains the only accent in the image. That is, the outfit should be concise in cut and be careful with accessories and shoes: either in the color of silver, or one additional color and, preferably, not black.

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How do you like my image?) Many thanks to my fairies! For my unreal bezel @mari_li_official 👌🔥 Elegant dress @elysee_dress 🔥😍 My makeup @sonya_miro ❤️💋 Thanks to you, I’m the most beautiful today !!! ❤️👌 This is what happens when I become a girl and wear a dress with a crown 😈

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The form. If you decide on the color, go to the choice of silhouette. The main thing in any image is you. Therefore, trends and trends are good, but not basic! Identify your most profitable areas and focus on them: an open back eliminates too open neckline or ultramini. Beautiful open arms or a bare line of shoulders look no less seductive than a cut along the hip to the waist.

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Have a nice day everyone🤗 the day promises to be happy ❤️ well, I’m wearing a dress from @ms_exclusive_dress ❤️ for styling thanks to our stylist @bika_shapieva_hair ❤️

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Footwear. You should not choose too open summer models, but even sandals on strings are better than coarse winter boots. Ideal option – shoes with a stable heel, which will not only look beautiful, but also have a great evening on the dance floor. Moreover, now wide heels are mainstream.

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Handbag. Necessarily small! So that it feels like you took with you only lipstick and a phone, and not the whole load of problems. And the more unusual the shape, the better! At the same time, it is most comfortable that it can be worn over the shoulder, and not just held in hands.

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Pieces – fashionable, women’s accessories, so you can be a kind of image, giving it a unique character. ⠀ The brand respectfully pursues the trending trends, making sure that the collection is sober. ⠀ Cream bags, hustok, belts and accessories, Pieces also VIPs є lower bіlizna. Models of the old-fashioned, unified navigation, ale vіdmіnno і yakostі. ⠀ Handbag Pieces (Dania) ❌ The price of the virobnik: 998 UAH ✅ OUR PRICE: 399 UAH ⠀ #TARDI_outlet #Brands_Tardi ⠀

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Accessories In this case, you can not limit yourself. Bright, large, spectacular – everything will be appropriate. At the same time, you can play with the New Year theme. When, if not now? Most often, stylists for filming clips and creating holiday images for movie and show business stars collaborate with Ukrainian designers, often they sew or modify existing outfits with their team on their own.

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Look Inspo ✨💫 Tilly Dress via @ Available at

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The most difficult thing is to choose interesting accessories that complement the image. In addition to copyrighted products, it is useful to look into drains and outlets. For example, in the TARDI outlet network you can find original products of world brands at the lowest price, with discounts of up to 40-80%. Yes, there will not be beautiful shelves with highlights for goods, as in large shopping centers. But the presence of each product in 1-2 copies ensures that someone else does not appear at the event with the same bag or brooch.

And now the main thing. The perfect look is the one that is downloaded with the perfect make-up and styling. Have a nice New Year holidays! Follow our advice and be sure that you will become the real queen of the evening.

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