How to care for eyelash extensions: TOP 5 tips
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Only 5 rules will help you properly care for eyelash extensions © Getty Image

Neatly extended eyelashes – it is beautiful, feminine and practical. Once again, girls neatly built up, not Hollywood – 5D. Girls agree to such a procedure, not only to emphasize the eyes, but also to greatly facilitate the application of makeup. But it is important to know that eyelash extensions need additional care so that they retain their appearance longer.

Editorial has collected rules and tips for the care of eyelash extensions at home.

Avoid moisture. On the first day after the beauty procedure, the eyelashes should not be wetted, since the moisture that enters the base of the artificial eyelashes is retained on an adhesive basis and corrodes it. Therefore, exclude contact with water for at least two hours, then during the next day washing is possible, but very delicate.

Eliminate oily solutions, alcohol tonics and oily creams. Do not apply the listed cosmetics to the area around the eyes, as they contribute to the loss of adhesive properties, as a result of which eyelashes will become rare and begin to fall out in bunches.

Care products should not be applied close to the ciliary edge. During make-up removal, it is forbidden to rub the skin of the eyelids, therefore, cleansing should occur smoothly and without sudden movements. For cleansing the skin around the eyes, choose micellar water. To do this, moisten a cotton pad in micellar water and apply eyelids to the skin, then remove makeup without touching the eyelashes.

How to care for eyelash extensions

Only 5 rules will help you properly care for eyelash extensions © Getty Image

Do not use tools for curling eyelashes. Remember, eyelash curlers can injure them at the place of gluing, as a result of which they will lose their shape and quickly fall out. For eyelash care, we recommend using a clean brush. Every day, applying makeup, gently comb the extended eyelashes.

Give your eyes a break. The constant wearing of eyelash extensions, subject to all the rules for care and correction, certainly looks beautiful and attractive. However, it is necessary to give rest to your own eyelashes and eyes for the normal functioning of the follicles and to prevent a strong load on the eyes. Experts recommend taking a break every 4-5 months and withstanding a time interval of a month before subsequent re-building.


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