How to dress in the style of boho: 10 must-have attributes
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10 must-have attributes in boho style ©

Boho style clothing in the 2000s has become one of the most fashionable. It is a mix of ethnic and national motives, elements of hippie and gypsy costumes, as well as a combination of gothic and grunge. What attracts many girls exactly boho style?


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Bohostil combines, at first glance, incompatible elements of the image: coarse booties and feminine dresses, laces and scarves, layering, brightness and color saturation.

If you like the boho style, see its must-have attributes:

Ankle Boots. Pay attention to ankle boots sand or neutral shades. It is best to choose a comfortable and comfortable shoes at low speed.

Maxi skirt. Pleated and light skirt is associated with bohostyle. You can choose as monophonic maxi skirt, and with different floral patterns.

Bright dresses. The length of this outfit is not at all important. The main thing is that the dress should be as bright, free and light as possible. Patterns on the dress can be both clear and geometric, and floral or ethnic.

Boho chic style

10 must-have attributes in boho style ©

Knitted outfits. To create a bohemian look, choose a knitted cardigan or sweater. Pay attention to large knitting – it looks very stylish and modern!

Broad-brim. You can choose from any material: straw or felt. The main thing is that the hat was a pastel shade.

Boho chic style

10 must-have attributes in boho style ©

Loose blouse. In this dress, not only color is also important, but also style. Pay attention to light, loose blouses with wide sleeves. Embroidery or lace are also welcome.

Stylish trench. Trench coat is indispensable in the wardrobe and fits almost any outfit. It is best to combine a trench with flower dresses, blouses with embroidery and plain t-shirts.

Bag with fringe. If you are looking for a boho-style fashion accessory, choose a fringed bag. And it doesn’t matter whether the bag is small or large, as long as the fringe or other elements of the style are present.

Boho chic style

10 must-have attributes in boho style ©

Surround scarf. An irreplaceable accessory in boho style – oversize a scarf. Choose bright and rich shades of a fashionable scarf. Floral prints are also welcome.

Flared jeans. It is probably very difficult to imagine a bohosteel without classic flared jeans. It is best to combine such pants with a knitted jumper, voluminous scarf and wide-brimmed hat.

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