How to emphasize your look: the secrets of perfect eye makeup from professionals
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Makeup is able to transform and emphasize the natural beauty of each girl. The dream of many women is a beautiful look that can not be forgotten. It is rightly believed that makeup is an art. And any art must be developed and improved. That is why it is so important for each of us to master the necessary knowledge, tools and techniques.

The founder and teacher of the leading author's school of style and makeup in Ukraine BOYKO BEAUTY SCHOOL, beauty blogger – Tatyana Boyko, will help us to reveal secrets, create an attractive and perfect eye makeup.

Eyelid preparation

Tatyana Boyko
Tatyana Boyko
        Founder and teacher of the leading author's school of style and makeup in Ukraine BOYKO BEAUTY SCHOOL
        expert opinion
    First of all, each of us needs to make sure that our eyes are not tired. This is achieved, first of all, due to a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle, including a good sleep. In addition, properly selected skin care products will help.

If you have dry eyelids, you need to moisturize them for daytime eye makeup. To do this, you can use a gel or cream with a minimum content of fatty substances and before applying makeup, you should wait about five minutes until it is completely absorbed or dab with a napkin.

If there are color defects, use the corrector. And to fix the corrective means should be applied powder. Powder on the upper eyelid is a prerequisite for the further application of dry shadows.

For owners of oily and moist eyelids, for proper preparation for makeup, special care is required, including the use of various tonics, which include tannins, drying creams and gels. It is better to select a color-correcting agent on a water basis, with a minimum amount of fat-containing substances. And powder in this case is the main salvation from moisture and fat.

Eye makeup

Eye Makeup ©

Determine the shape of the eyes

Tatyana Boyko
Tatyana Boyko
        Founder and teacher of the leading author's school of style and makeup in Ukraine BOYKO BEAUTY SCHOOL
        expert opinion
    Our eyes reflect internal energy, individuality. Eye contact is the thread connecting people to each other.

Different types of eyes require an individual approach when performing their correction and using different means of decorative cosmetics.

Eye makeup

Eye Makeup ©

A few professional tricks to help emphasize your look:

The first and main rule of eye makeup: the dark color is the leading one, where to put it – the eyes will stretch there ", and the dark color also reduces the area that is applied, while increasing the eye itself.
Slight dimming from the eyebrows down and dimming the inner corner of the eye visually brings the wide-set eyes closer and makes the bridge of the nose narrower.
If the dark color is concentrated over the entire ciliary contour above and below, it will visually reduce the eyes. But the dark line on the inner lower eyelid, without being accompanied by shadows, will visually reduce the eye, and with the dark haze around the eyes on the outer eyelid it will balance the makeup of the eyes and increase them.
If the dark color is stretched to the sides, that is, to effectively frame the eyes from all sides, then it will increase small eyes, expand and open narrow.
If the dark color is more concentrated on the outer eyelid, then it will help to spread one's eyes to the sides.
If the dark color is concentrated exclusively on the upper eyelid, then this will be the most advantageous option for women of elegant age, since the color located on the upper eyelid will raise the lowered corners, hide all the overhangs of the eyelid and various folds.
Also, a dark color can create a dramatic and heavy eye if they overload the lower eyelid.
Light color increases the area on which it is applied, thereby reducing the eyes, this can already be observed when applying the corrector to the area around the eyes.
A white shadow over the pupil will give a special shine. At the end of the work, a white, shiny, softly shaded highlight is applied over the shadows, just above the pupil.
A light (white or beige) line drawn with a pencil along the lower inner eyelid will visually enlarge the eyes, hide the redness and thereby refresh the tired eyes. Be careful, with this line you can create the effect of a “twisted” convex eyelid.

Dominating the face, beautiful eyes will distract attention from other, less perfect details. Ideally, the eyes should radiate health and radiance.

If you are interested in the topic of makeup, watch the video with Tatyana Boyko:

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