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How to get a visa to Canada?

Canada is a huge country that has a developed economy. They are with Ukraine, though are very far away have a lot. Here is located one of the world’s largest Ukrainian communities. That is why many are interested in visas to Canada. Visa to Canada in 2018 will need for those who want to attend a business meeting, to enjoy the beauty of the country or to go to College in Canada.

How to get a visa to Canada?

The paperwork for visas is always a lot of time and effort. In order to simplify this process you can contact the company helpvisa.

The company provides the following services:

• filing and obtaining documents at the Consulate of Canada,
• preparation of all necessary documents,
• filling in visa application forms,
• translation,
• insurance policy (if required)
• consultation on various types of visas
• booking of hotels and tickets.

Cost of services depends on the volume of work performed. So, if you need translation of documents, filling of the visa form, write a cover letter to book tickets, submit or sign the surrender of biometrics, the cost of services will be only $ 75. In this case, you choose a “Basic” package of services. It is the most inexpensive.

But, if you want to rid yourself of all problems with filling documents, keeping your business from preparation of documents to obtain a work permit, you should choose the package of services “Work permit”. It the cost is only $ 400, but your contribution to the paperwork will be minimized.

Also offers special conditions for students. For them there is a separate package. With it, you can quickly assemble documents for study visa and go to College in Canada.

It is no secret that many are trying to expand your business and to Canada and to find reliable partners. In this case, you will package the “Business”. In this case, you will need special documents that are not included in the above packages.

The basic package of documents includes:

• passport,
• 2 photos (3,5*4,5),
• a copy of the Ukrainian passport
• proof of employment (with a breakdown of salary for the last six months),
• certificate from the Bank (on account balance and account statement for the last quarter),
• copies of documents about the presence of movable/immovable property (if any).

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