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The romance of sea travel was current constantly — then the first people who decided to conquer the previously unknown waters in the search for the newest territories, the trends of the release of the cruise collection in any meaningful popular brand. The sea has a mystique that attracts people of a particular kind and delivers them in the search for the unknown.

Every parents want their child grew up to be a real champion, so from childhood they are sending children section, gymnasium and secondary schools. In the Russian Federation is rapidly gaining popularity sailing sport. To cross the waves, to rule without the help of other ship and feel like the captain, there was something more interesting. At the same time, sailing represented at the Olympic games.

Requirements for students

According to the portal http://sportflot.ru/ sailing schools students are 7 years old. The children need to be healthy. Course of study: from one week to two, three or 6 months, and provides personal training. The main advantage of the teaching contained in the fact that theory and practice are not consistent, and are taught simultaneously, reciprocally. Therefore, your child from the beginning will be to learn to sail. Examine in more detail what is meant by practice and theory in this case.

Through studying in sailing school the kid will learn the theory of sails, the sail vessels, the basics of meteorological observations, the basis of Aero – and hydrodynamics, the rules of sailing competitions, strategy racing.

Yachting is primarily active in nature, who dedicate the child to the art of sailing, accustom to a healthy way of life, help to become strong, bold and self-confident, develop leadership qualities and skills of team work.


Your child will increase your own horizons with the help of an experienced, responsible teachers and the subsequent disciplines:

  • the theory of sails and hydrodynamics;
  • studying the structure of the yacht;
  • the theory of the system of the competition;
  • geographical discoveries of the famous explorers;
  • the history of the Russian Navy;
  • training of orientation in the sea.


This is probably the most fascinating component of the course:

  • to learn how to steer a sailboat (a cherished dream of many children);
  • professional swimming and gymnastics;
  • learning to be a team player, showing leadership, making decisions, communicating with friends that a child develops rapidly.

Safety is paramount

In the schools teaching sailing special attention is paid to student safety:

  • the yacht is equipped with all necessary rescue facilities;
  • classes are conducted exclusively in safe areas;
  • students are provided with specialized suits and life jackets;
  • classes are held only under the supervision of teachers and doctor in safe weather conditions.

In addition, students conducted interesting competitions that strive the children to achieve the best results in training to win, because sailing is for those who love the spirit of competition. Careful child will notice and sailing may very well be his life.

Children’s sailing school focused on your child’s development, aims to instill in him a sense of purpose, courage, persistence, determination, dedication, initiative, the will to win, sense of responsibility, camaraderie and mutual assistance, to develop physically and even to grow in the future Olympic medalists, as champion are not born – become champion.

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