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HP Spectre ultrabook for travel, work and leisure

Today to surprise someone with a new laptop or computer absolutely impossible. Every day there are new models, which differ not only in design but also performance. Today are considered the most advanced ultrabooks. The main difference between the laptops is the weight. A lot of people use a laptop for work. Compactness allows ultrabook to continue to work, being in public transport or far beyond your home or office.

When choosing an ultrabook-today’s generation pays attention to many criteria, one of the main among which is the manufacturer. Very popular today is the technique of the HP brand and, in particular, the powerful HP Spectre ultrabook for travel and work. The great demand for this ultrabook is caused by many reasons, among which:

  • Design. The developers did a very good job on its design. Despite the lack of bright elements, ultrabook design differs from other models due to the simple constructive solutions. The outer side of the housing is made of iron, which gives the ultrabook cost.

HP Spectre ultrabook for travel, work and leisure 2

  • Compactness. Ultrabook is in the bag designated as the folder paper A4. It weighs a little more than 1 kg, so it is possible to take with you on any trip.
  • Touch screen. Ultrabook responds well to touch screen.
  • Clear sound. Users appreciate the clean and high-quality sound high and medium frequencies.
  • Power. Despite its compact and lightweight, ultrabook HP Spectre is more powerful than many laptops overall. RAM – 16 GB SSD memory – 512 GB. Despite the fact that the ultrabook has not been created for gamers, its technical characteristics allow the user to play GTA, Metro, and others.
  • Autonomy. In a mode of continuous operation with the ultrabook’s battery lasts for 6 hours. Watching movies and videos reduces the autonomy to 4 hours.
  • Unlocking the screen. Ultrabook can unlock only the owner, since he only reacts to the user’s face even in the dark.

PS: the Quality will be able to accomplish many goals. But it is important to Davis possessed the relevant characteristics. And if it’s vacation or work, then the above device, according to some experts in the field of computer technology, an interesting option.

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