Images of Oscar winners: from snow-white Rene to eco-friendly Joaquin
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Images of Oscar winners: from snow-white Rene to eco-friendly Joaquin ©

On February 10, 2020 we learned the main names of modern cinema and raised imaginary glasses for the victories of the best actors, directors and screenwriters. The most successful images of stars on the red carpet of the Oscars 2020, of course, are beautiful, but if they were decorated with the right accessories in the form of a golden figurine, it would be much prettier.

It's time to discuss not only the fashionable failures of the stars at the Oscars 2020, but also to consider the images of the Oscar winners.

Joaquin Phoenix: a feast and a world

Even before the Golden Globe 2020 ceremony, Joaquin Phoenix promised to wear one costume for all prizes. This environmental campaign was helped by designer Stella McCartney. We have already seen the costume, but praise Phoenix again. Beautiful!

Winner in the nomination "Best Actor"

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix ©

Renee Zellweger: slim and sultry

Not a hint of resemblance to Bridget Jones! Slender Rene confidently went on stage for the long-awaited Oscar and showed everyone the dress from Armani Privé. However, they are ready to bet – the new Zellweger looks gorgeous even in a home T-shirt.

Winner in the category "Best Actress"

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger ©

Brad Pitt: once in Hollywood won an Oscar for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

Brad Pitt just could not help but please us with a statuette this year. Firstly, in the Tarantino film, he was really gorgeous. Secondly, this is Pitt's first acting victory. What you need after a difficult period with a divorce.

Winner in the nomination "Best Supporting Actor"

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt ©

Laura Dern: everybody get up, genius actress is coming

This is how to play to eclipse Scarlett Johansson! In The Marriage Story, Laura is so good that she’s even a little scared. Admire.

Winner in the nomination "Best Supporting Actress"

Laura Dern

Laura Dern ©

Taika Waititi: flew away, but promised to get drunk

So, like Taika, no one was happy with the victory. Well, perhaps Pon Joon-Ho, but only because the “Parasites" took 4 statuettes. In general, it was cool. Especially when Taika left Oscar under a colleague's chair.

Winner of the "Best Adapted Screenplay" nomination

Thai Taichi

Taika Waititi ©

Pong Joon-Ho: the good thing is that it has 4 wins in the nominations

The unexpected turn of the main night of the movie still makes us want to hug the director of Parasites. The suit at Pong Joon-Ho was also great.

Winner in the nominations "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Director", "Best Original Screenplay"

Pong jo-ho

Pong Joon-Ho ©

Do not miss what appeared at the ceremony of Billy Elish. Also sneakers, but much prettier.


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