Jacquemus opened a boutique with archival collections in the center of Paris
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The French brand Jacquemus opens a boutique for its tenth anniversary – in the Galeries Lafayette, in the center of Paris. Now everyone who walks through the Champs Elysees will have the opportunity to look at the iconic Jacquemus things and purchase rarities from the very first collections of the label.

Simon Port Jacmeuse hails from the provincial French village of Bramejan. He started designing when he was still very young: at the age of 19. Now Simon is a famous fashion designer and owner of one of the most popular French brands.

Ten years after the release of the debut collection by Jacquemus, the designer recalls how his thorny path began, selling his archival collections on the main street of Paris – the Champs Elysées. Simon Port, together with Clara Cornet, creative director of Galeries Lafayette, invites all Parisians and city guests to go on a journey through time and see the history of the development of the brand. In the boutique you can see items from such collections as The Riviera, La Bomba, Les Santons de Provence and L'Amour d'un Gitan. All religious items are placed against the background of recognizable French decorations: from the provincial wheat field to the bright Mediterranean villa.

Things from previous collections of the Jacquemus brand are already on sale and can be purchased at Galeries Lafayette.

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