Kering and LVMH allocated 300 million euros for the restoration of Notre Dame
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On the evening of April 15, Notre-Dame de Paris caught fire in Paris – one of the symbols of the city and all of France. There was a fire in the area of ​​scaffolding. The firemen fought the flame until five in the morning and managed to keep the towers and the main structures of the cathedral, but the roof, the spire and the clock could not be saved.

Fire at Notre Dame de Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron has already announced that the state will restore this architectural monument and called on all concerned to help him. One of the first responded to Francois-Henri Pino, owner of the fashion holding Kering, which includes the brands Saint Laurent, Gucci and Balenciaga. His family will donate 100 million euros for the restoration of the cathedral, and is also ready to actively participate in all activities.

Sketch artist Christina Correa Freilich, which she published in her Instagram, instantly became viral

A few hours later followed by a response from representatives of another fashion holding LVMH. Bernard Arnaud announced that his company would donate already $ 200 million to restore the cathedral.

Notre Dame de Paris

According to preliminary estimates, the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris will take about 10 years. Experts do not name the full amount of damage, because only in the morning the firemen were able to put out all the fires.

Notre Dame de Paris, late 19th century

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