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This attractive, floating house, designed by the Quebec shipbuilders Daigno, will definitely appeal to those who appreciate comfort and privacy. Named Le Koroc, it is available in two versions — for professional fishermen and for those who just want to have a tiny house that floats.

Important point: Le Koroc equipped with solar panels, so that the environmentally friendly possessions, we need not worry. Well, not to mention the internal layout, which “squeezes” from a small space all that is possible.

Le Koroc created from cedar wood and plywood, but its dimensions are 8 meters long and 2.6 meters in height. Total weight — 2.56 kilograms. There is a possibility of trailer travel.

Model for fishermen equipped with three swivel seats on the deck and sonar, as well as a tank for storage of the catch and the dashboard. Version to stay the same, but has extra seats.

The cabin has a dining and Seating area which easily converts into a bed. There is also a kitchenette with two hotplates, sink and refrigerator. Craftsmen from Daigno also managed to place on the vessel bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet.

For the motion Le is responsible Koroc outboard motor Honda BF90 VTEC with a capacity of 90 horsepower. All the electricity comes from solar panels on the roof, plus, the houseboat uses a water recycling system on the basis of charcoal.

The cost of a house starts from $ 65,000. By the way, the company also offers a larger version of Le Koroc called L ‘ Équinoxe (9 meters long, 3 meters in height).

Photo: Daigno.

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