Look like a star: the main beauty secrets of Kristina Mezhinskaya
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Kristina Mezhinskaya © press service

The name of Kristina Mezhinskaya in the Ukrainian audience is associated with three famous men – director Alan Badoev, singer Max Barsky and fashion model Jesus Lus. She worked with the first two in the sensational Z.Dance project, and the latter (by the way Jesus Lus is also Madonna’s ex-boyfriend) starred in Mezhinsky’s video “Before Dawn”.

In addition to creative talents, Christina has incredible beauty, which won the hearts of more than one man. Editorial tochka.net decided to find out from the singer and model her beauty secrets.

Perhaps we start with the most banal, but always relevant question – how do you manage to always look so good? What is your beauty secret?

The secret of beauty first of all consists in inner harmony, energy fullness and happiness. The girl who smiles is always beautiful. I will not hide, beauty is also a huge work on myself, I would say this is overcoming myself and my laziness. Of course, you can always go to a beauty salon and make yourself some noses there, but so far there is an opportunity to remain young and beautiful without the intervention of specialists, why not try it.

The secrets of beauty that I have identified for myself today:

Massage and face building for the face. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos on this topic. I am doing Japanese asahi massage. As well as various exercises to keep the muscles of the face in good shape, just as we keep the muscles of the body.
To wash your face with filtered water, try to reduce the washing of your face with tap water.
Do not use intoxication! I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, even a little bit, even a drop. Not!
I try not to drink coffee, drink more green or herbal tea. One of my favorite teas is Art. l grated ginger, 10 raspberries, a few slices of lime or lemon, mint and honey! Of course, drink as much water as possible during the day.
I use the right sweets. In general, I can’t do without sweets. I'm still that sweet tooth. Therefore, dark chocolate, honey, dates, dried fruits really help me out.
The simplest and most well-known is to wash off cosmetics before bedtime.
Properly selected home facial care.
Very important for our beauty is, of course, a dream! Go to bed before 10 in the evening. Sleep in a cool room. Better aerate before bedtime. The correct position during sleep. The way we sleep also matters. The best pose on the back. This will save us from nasolabial folds. The pillow should not be high. This will save you a second chin.
Read mantras and meditate on beauty. Living with God in the heart.
Proper nutrition is, of course, a huge topic and an integral part of beauty.
Regular exercise. I chose yoga and dancing for myself. Yogis have this expression: "We are young as long as our spine is flexible." Stretching is also useful to do.
And the surest and most effective way to be beautiful is to love and be loved.


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How do you care for skin and hair? Do you choose expensive means or trust folk recipes?

Both are present in my arsenal, I love trying new care products, experimenting, doing various salon cares, I have both very expensive cosmetics and pharmacy, and at the same time I do not forget about the folk recipes that I was told about also mom, they are very effective, sometimes no worse than professional care.

Kristina Mezhinskaya

Kristina Mezhinskaya © press service

How often do you visit a beautician? Can you share the most useful advice from your beautician?

During my life I tried various cosmetologists and everyone had something to learn, so I will share a few tips 🙂

Wipe your face with disposable towels
Buy shower filter
Be sure to use sunscreen or cream with spf
Control facial expressions and engage in facebook building
For a beautiful, even complexion, hydration and nutrition, you can add 1 tablet of Ascarutin to the night cream (crush the tablet to powder), a couple of drops of rosehip oil, a couple of drops of vitamin A and E + a couple of drops of almond oil or grape seed. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse. To do in a day.
Wash with mineral water and lemon

My skin is sensitive, the capillaries are close to the surface, so I prefer wiping the skin with a melted ice cube – washing with warm green tea.

If you need to quickly heal a pimple or wound, you can apply Sudokrem on it at night.

In America, I visit a beautician once a month, but when I fly to Ukraine, I can go very often almost 2-3 times a week.

I try to go through all the courses, I really love microcurrents for the face, they give an amazing effect, but to notice it you need to do 8 procedures at a minimum, and they need to be done every other day.

What makeup do you prefer in everyday life?

Very natural light makeup, CC-cream, blush, I can highlight the cheekbones, highlighter, comb my eyebrows and you're done. I also try at least once a week to conduct beauty detox, all day without makeup.

What do you prefer to remove makeup?

I wash off cosmetics from my face with micellar water from Bioderma. But the eyes are coconut oil, it is just right for our sensitive skin around the eyes, but if you wash off the cosmetics from the whole face with coconut oil, and I had such a practice, then you can clog pores and get rashes. Therefore, oil is only for the eyes!

How do you keep yourself in shape?

I love dancing, yoga, stretching. Cardio on an empty stomach.

Kristina Mezhinskaya

Kristina Mezhinskaya © press service

What can you advise to people who want to get in shape, but resist the grueling workouts in the gym?

Proper nutrition and more walk outdoors.

What does your diet consist of?

First of all, I want to say that I'm not on strict diets, I'm not one of those who frantically count calories, I just try to eat right and varied. I also try to do an unloading day once a week, dry fasting, do not drink or eat all day.

On the remaining days for breakfast, this is mainly scrambled eggs and vegetables, or oatmeal in almond milk with chia seeds and fruits.

Lunch: soup, or buckwheat + fish / chicken and vegetables.

Dinner: salad + seafood, when there is no mood to cook – cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat, but never from 0.

Cheat meal I also have days, of course, I can eat pizza, pasta, croissant, hamburger, the main thing is not to do it every day and not to take large portions. An important rule is not to overeat!

How do you feel about plastic surgery?

If this helps you to love yourself, enjoy the reflection in the mirror, why not, the main thing is not to overdo it, do it in moderation, of course, so that others do not understand that you did something. A good example – I really like how Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Madalina Jenea have changed through plastic surgery. You won’t understand that they did something if you don’t see their old photos.

Kristina Mezhinskaya

Kristina Mezhinskaya © press service

In your opinion, real beauty is …

Harmony between a beautiful exterior and interior. The main thing during classes is improving the appearance not to forget about the internal, it also requires work on oneself and care. Just like we brush our teeth, take a shower, do grooming procedures, work out in the gym, also work on the beauty of thoughts, on fullness, development, on our souls, read books, meditate, pray, travel, analyze ourselves, look for answers within ourselves and not outside, to be kind to others and the most important thing is to be happy and do what brings joy.

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