Makeup without makeup, or Quarantine really worth learning
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Makeup without makeup or What you really need to learn from quarantine ©

Makeup "without makeup" is the most natural beauty trend of 2020. At a time when everyone is actively striving for the most natural looks and get used to themselves without makeup on quarantine due to coronavirus, you should learn not to mask your natural beauty, but to emphasize that than Mother Nature has rewarded you.

You will always have time to use plenty of pink lipstick, fashionable in 2020, and practice ways to create a fox look, but competently painting with the effect of “no makeup” is already worth it.

The editors of will tell you how to create fashion makeup without makeup and give some really useful tips.

Makeup without makeup: basic rules

Smooth tone in makeup without makeup

To create a natural, fashionable make-up in 2020, it is necessary to choose the most light foundation, without matting and weighting effects. You may need to switch to powder that can be used separately from foundation and concealers. Why? It's simple: makeup will look much more natural if it does not create a mask effect on the face. You're not mime, really.

There can be no talk of any disguise of freckles. Ideally, BB creams cope with the task of “leveling, but not hiding”.

Tip: distribute tonal with a beauty blender. This will help you regulate the amount of tonal being driven into the skin. The powder should be applied with a light brush, without clogging the pores with the remnants of cosmetics.

Makeup without makeup or What you really need to learn from quarantine

Makeup without makeup or What you really need to learn from quarantine ©

Eyebrow in makeup "no makeup"

If you follow the fashion trends in makeup 2020, then you know for sure that the perfectly flat tips of the eyebrows and the trash eyebrows themselves have long been in the past. Now your eyebrows are an individual feature.

In makeup without makeup, we do not recommend using an unnaturally dark pencil and eyebrow shadows. Ideally, do only eyebrow gel.

Tip: many cosmetic brands have long presented collections with gels that have a soft color shade (black or brown). If you are used to focusing on eyebrows, it is better to get just that.

Eyelashes in makeup without makeup

You can bring eyelashes with the same gel as your eyebrows. But if your natural eyelashes are not very dark and thick, it will be difficult to do without mascara.

Before applying any product to the eyelashes, be sure to twist them with tongs.

Tip: For a perfect natural effect in makeup, use colored brown mascara. This will soften your eyes and leave no doubt that you haven’t made up at all.

Makeup without makeup or What you really need to learn from quarantine

Makeup without makeup or What you really need to learn from quarantine ©

Lips in makeup without makeup

The most favorite part is the lips. Here we give you an infinite number of options:

lip gloss without gloss;
shine balm;
gloss without sticky structure;
lip oil;
matte pencil nude shades;
matte lipstick in a natural color.

I do not want to choose.

Tip: if you gently blend the contour (you can even use your fingertips to wash your hands) – no one will understand that there was lipstick or pencil on the lips. By the way, if you get wet shine with a light shade of any color with a napkin, then only a shade will remain on the lips, without shiny particles. It looks as natural as possible.

Highlighter (not superfluous) in makeup without makeup

Despite the fact that the highlighter does not get the proper popularity in our area, you can and should use this brilliant (in every sense) means. It will refresh the face and give the make-up a natural shine.

Tip: try the liquid highlighter and apply it to the moving zone of the eyelid to create a truly “radiant” look. Just do not overdo it!

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