“Muse! Muse!”: As a participant in TMPU Darina Gerasimchuk opened her first show at UFW
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Darina Gerasimchuk at UFW FW 20-21 © New Channel Press Service

For five days in the capital's "Art Arsenal" was held Ukrainian Fashion Week. Among the models on the catwalk, one could notice many participants of the “Top Model in Ukrainian”. From the third season of reality, only Malvina Chuklya and Daria Gerasimchuk, who “defiled” on the last day of UFW, got to the shows.

This is my first show at Ukrainian Fashion Week, and I got on it without casting: the designer personally called me! I am very grateful to her. A lot of emotions. "Defilyunkala" as a goddess (well, at least I think so!) I really liked it. She walked, and they shouted to me: “Muse! Muse”, such a balm for the soul. In principle, I liked the image. I think I'm just beautiful! This time I got only one show, then more. I will go to auditions. That's it, Dasha is in action. By the way, I opened the show, it's just unbelievable! Daria shared her impressions with the New Channel.


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Darina Gerasimchuk at UFW FW 20-21

Darina Gerasimchuk at UFW FW 20-21 © New Channel Press Service

The girl noted that she devotes most of her free time to studying, so modeling has postponed until later. But looking at how confident Daria felt on the podium, one can already say that the girl has a great model future!

And if you want to see this participant in the "Super Top Model in Ukrainian", do not forget to go to the vote on the New Channel website and every hour click on the heart next to Dasha’s photo.

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