Naomi Campbell – about shape, modeling and love for her body
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Each girl has their own complexes and fears, but it is important to be able to overcome them. Legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell is not an exception to the rule. With British Vogue, she shared her experience on the path to the realization that her body is beautiful. “It took me a lot of time to feel comfortable in my body,” says Naomi.

Naomi Campbell

In my childhood I never felt comfortable in my body. At school, classmates teased me, calling me a “stick,” which made me very upset. Only at dance lessons I could feel comfortable – completely surrendering to my body and forgetting everything else. When I started modeling, I didn’t know how to properly pose in front of the camera, so I did what I knew how – I moved as if I was performing classical ballet, jumping in front of the camera

It was only when I started working with Stephen Meisel that I learned to be still, calm, and sculpt new forms from myself. However, when I was in my underwear, I still felt very constrained. Even in my everyday life, putting on tight jeans or leggings, I covered the figure with a cardigan so as not to feel naked.

Naomi Campbell

It took me a lot of time to feel comfortable in my body – it came with age and it really did happen only in the last few years. My mind played a big part in this story, and physical training helped.

I learned not to take my body for granted. Some people think that I try too hard, but I know my limits and understand when I can afford to rest. I learned not to feel guilty for staying at home in bed after a few weeks at work. Now I know how to lie on the beach and just relax. For me, all this is interconnected – I need a healthy body for a sound mind and a healthy spirit. Everything that goes inside is projected out.

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