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German shipyard Nobiskrug showed a new rendering of its 80-metre superyacht, formerly known as Project 790. Now the vessel, designed by Gregory Marshall, another name — Artefact.

This is the latest project of shipbuilders, which last year created A Sailing Yacht with a length of 142,81 meters for the Russian industrialist Andrey Melnichenko (EuroChem, SUEK, and SGK).

For “Artifact”, built from steel, aluminium and teak, will be made a special heavy-duty curved glass, which will make the window. Well, responsible for the interiors will take Reymond Langton Design.

“We thought we should say nothing about the construction. But in the early stages we discussed the project with family, which built the yacht. It seemed that the conceptual design they like. And this was indeed the case, the only thing they wanted was a yacht,” says Marshall.

So the design length 55 meter increased by another 25 metres. “What has not changed is the cleanliness of the design,” concludes Marshall.

Pascal Raymond, who invented the interiors, adds that the shape and size of the Windows became a kind of springboard for his company, because before they didn’t work anything like this. However, more detailed information about the interior yet kept secret.

In Nobiskrug add that the yacht will include a number of new technological and technical features to minimize the impact on the environment. These include, for example, the use of solar panels and battery system that allows the ship to operate without combustion engines for a limited time.

Artefact is also equipped with a positioning system that will allow you to fix the vessel’s position without throwing the anchor. But at the same time — intelligent water purification system to reuse waste water for technical purposes.

Thanks to all this yacht is among the first yachts which meet the requirements of emissions regulations IMO Tier III. See “Artifact” in all its glory will be the first guests of the yacht exhibition in Monaco in 2019.

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