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The sixth yacht in a series of Otam 80HT not like the fact that the Italian shipyard had done before. What’s it look like? This tells the representatives of Otam Yachts, noting that work on the individual order, even if we are talking about complexity, always gives them a special treat.

At the request of the owner of the front part of the ship has a large deck chair and height adjustable table to bring the ease of use of this space under the open sky to the limit. Cushion for sun lounger can be raised to form a backrest, but all this, however, was designed not to disturb the iconic profile 80HT.

Another request of the owner, said in Otam became a horseshoe-shaped sofa, located in the aft. And at the same time the increase of the tender with the aim of placing boats and other “gadgets” that constantly uses the yachtsman.

As the quality of service is a priority for the owner, he, according to Otam Yachts has also requested an additional cabin for your chef, which should be conveniently placed next to the galley. Kitchen in new Otam 80HT, it should be said, too, goes beyond the standard specifications with its full-size dishwasher, large fridge and freezer and washing machine in separate alcove.

As for the interior layout, all designed to expand the space, making it comfortable for the guests who will be invited to relax on the boat. By the way, the ceiling height in the captain’s cabin is 2.10 metres, which is unique for a vessel of this size.

Finally, the yacht is equipped with two MTU engines (2600 HP each) coupled with the Arneson drive that allows it to reach a top speed of 47 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots. This extraordinary performance and excellent efficiency partially provided dostigayutsya patented 6-blade propellers, Rolla created specifically for Otam.

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