Octopus lips: a new trend in cosmetology, from which blood runs cold in the veins
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Octopus lips: a new trend in cosmetology, from which blood runs cold in my veins © instagram.com/beautydoc_mk/ instagram.com/louisa_edilova/

Russian cosmetology decided to stand out in an unusual trend – girls are invited not only to enlarge their lips or to work out their form in the usual way, but to really mock their appearance. Why?

After unsuccessful experiments after plastic surgeries and trips to cosmetologists, everyone heard (only a female cat still dreams us in nightmares). We experienced various strange and unpleasant trends: colored and wavy eyebrows, unshaven areas of the body, paired operations (yes, some came to a level higher than tattoos with each other's names, and now they make identical faces). But no one expected a trend on the lips of the octopus (or the lips of the devil).

Russian cosmetologists massively invite girls to a free procedure for turning lips into a real nightmare. Now hyaluron is distributed in lips in a strange way, so that the mouths of women become like a blurry blot. And the worst thing is not even that they do it in principle, but that someone is ready to agree to live with such a person.

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New trends !!! 😱For courageous and not ordinary !!! 👌🏻 Another masterpiece from @emelianbraude_ 👄 #Devil’s lips #LipsCunloads #lipsShell World has long gone crazy! 🌏 What do you think? 😉 Not my job❗️ # cosmetologist # cosmetologist Krasnodar # enlargement lip Krasnodar # peeling Krasnodar # cleansed lips # lip lips # #lips bow #pretty lips #sryazan # lips

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What's wrong with octopus lips (devil's lips, if you like)

This, of course, is our subjective opinion, but octopus lips look like it is a virtual reality in which each of us wears a mask from Instagram in everyday life. But it’s bad luck, it’s impossible to remove this mask!

Instead of the usual two raised corners, 8 corners appear on the lips of the girls. No matter how much we love geometry at school (and we loved it very much, and that is why we know that the regular octagon is called the octagon), we are unable to understand the impulses of humanity to ugliness our own faces. It’s clear that for free and vinegar is sweet, but maybe it’s time to come to your senses and still try to love yourself the way you are? Well, or stay on the stage of standard lip augmentation. You are welcome!

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Do you think the girls will take root among the masses? I tried🌚Who likes it?) #Bogmarket #Emelkinhayp #Lip Octopus #Patison

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Who is grateful for the new technique?

A certain Emelyan Braude, who has already been talked about in the media many times, receives many thanks from Russian cosmetologists under almost every Instagram post. Emelyan is a person WITHOUT medical education, but with an interesting approach. He had already managed to pass for the genius of cosmetology, having come up with a technique for lip augmentation with the very non-melodic name “tight pussy” (we did not invent it, that’s all it is!).

Braude holds strange workshops on cosmetology, after which he often gets into the media. They are strange because in the classroom a pseudo-doctor trains cosmetologists, showing methods in practice, but he never has any special gloves or a dressing gown. A lot of photos leaked onto the Internet with swelling and bruising on the faces of his patients, but we won’t show you this horror. At least because it’s very disgusting to look at it, and the material is written by a very impressionable editor. Just imagine that he is doing procedures with a cigarette in his teeth in the basement. That’s enough.

Most materials mention Browd that he has no education!

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Good morning, dear 👾❤️ Have you already managed to appreciate the new trend on the lips of an octopus? 💋👾 Leaf through the merry-go-round and read губы # octopus lips # devil’s lips # lipsticks Generally, the attitude to this person’s work impresses me, not in a pleasant way, not in a pleasant way as much as 😧 Since you yourself are always sterile and clean 🥰 It doesn’t matter in which area you you work, what kind of master are you, from whom did you study, it all depreciates if you are a stinker who does not monitor cleanliness in his workplace 🙅‍♀️😂 The idea itself is cool, I like it, it’s interesting, creative, something new, but not for long term. 🤔 #Bobruisk lips # Minsk lips # Moscow lips # Spb lips # lips # lips # model lips # model lips octopuses

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The procedure is gaining momentum with cosmic speed. Many cosmetologists are ready not only to do everything for free, but also to pay the girls for courage and creativity.

It is not yet clear what exactly drives women: a desire to stand out from the crowd or a desire to quickly close a bank loan. But one thing is for sure – as long as Kim Kardashian has no such lips, this trend will not become more popular than the usual drop of magic hyaluronic acid.

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