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Omega 45 — so-called new flagship model of Technohull, combining versatility, performance and parts quality.

However, it was part of the DNA of the Greek shipyard since its inception in 2005. This also explains the fact that the products Technohull is quite popular with boaters due to the comfort and safety features, suitable for light travel and for long-distance cruising, smart design, and custom layout.

As for the 45 Omega, the luxury boat is a Prime example of a new patented technology TechOHULL DynaStream fully implemented at the shipyard. Assessing model features and requirements, a Greek shipyard has implemented some changes in hull design. With the help of modern computer programs and algorithms have been confirmed and the key aspects of the design.

All of this eventually led to the fact that the model was perfectly balanced, efficient, suitable for speed lovers, but with a very smooth and safe traffic. Special pride Technohull — electronic console supported by the intelligent touch center control, in the cockpit.

Design Omega 45 will satisfy even the most demanding of aesthetes: in addition to the bright interiors, there is indoor bathroom and Playground “for little things”, hidden under a large area for sunbathing. The main space with C-shaped sofa that runs the full width of the yacht, perfect for special events. A comfortable captain’s chair becomes a necessary and sufficient color accent.

Technohull to add that the owner can always choose other furniture. As to the word, and a compact kitchen.

As for speed and performance available to buyers several options to choose from.

So, the owner can choose triple engine options, 300 HP, 350 HP or 400 HP Well, or the fact that representatives of the shipyard called the “radical option” — the possibility of installation of four engines of 400 HP, which will provide a maximum speed above 85 mph (136,7 km/h) and cruising speed of 55 mph (88,5 km/h). Sounds impressive, right?

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