Paris Fashion Week: Dates
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Paris Fashion Week: Dates ©

You probably have already managed to enjoy the best dresses from the shows that were held at the High Fashion Week in Paris, but we have already set a reminder for the end of September, because in the French capital there will be another fashionable event that is worth the wait for months.

Paris Fashion Week is the final week of 4 of the world's top Fashion week. Before Paris, their talents will show in New York, London and Milan.

Fashion Week in Paris is an annual event, which was first held in 1973. Of course, Paris is considered one of the centers of fashion and fashion-industry (take at least Elie Saab or recall the main French fashion house Chanel).

Impressions of ready-to-wear are very different from the haute couture week, because they represent the things that will be sold in retail stores. Fashion houses sew parties in standard sizes and earn money all year round.

Fashion Week in Paris will be held from September 23 to October 1. The shows, of course, will be very unusual and creative.

And who will show their new collections at the Fashion Week in Paris?

Oh, keep yourself in hand, please. In Paris, we will see: the legendary fashion house Chanel after a difficult period (do you remember that Lagerfeld died?); cherished Balenciaga in new, bolder manifestations; Dior in the most classical sense of the word; the real Louis Vuitton, not the one in whose existence we were asked to believe.

Recently, we talked about the Fashion Week in Paris and showed the best costumes of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season.


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