Passed without casting: TMPU winner Malvina Chuklya starred in Katerina Kvit lookbook
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Malvina Chuklya in Katerina Kvit lookbook © New Channel Press Service

After winning the reality, Malvina Chukla tries not to sit idle. She arrives in Kiev for auditions, participates in Ukrainian Fashion Week and collaborates with Ukrainian designers. One of the most striking and large-scale works of the girl in the autumn-winter 20/21 season was the shooting of a lookbook and the presentation of the new collection of the Katerina Kvit brand. Moreover, Malvina was invited to shoot even without casting!

To Catherine Quit came very quickly and unexpectedly. I was already in Kiev when the agency reported that they called me to try on. I think my type "went" to the designer according to the photo, that's why they took it without casting. I learned about the fitting when I was on another shoot, so I was late by more than an hour. Fortunately, my parameters, look and haircut really liked the creators of the lookbook. So much so that I was invited to take part in the presentation of the collection, the girl said.


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The event was held in a chamber format on the eve of the opening of UFW, its guests were secular party-goers and designers.

Before that, I had never participated in presentations – only in shows. There was no penetration at the presentation, we just posed for the camera and in front of the audience, periodically changing images. To do this, I had to hide behind specially equipped décor, Chuklya explained.

Malvina Chuklya in Katerina Kvit lookbook

Malvina Chuklya in Katerina Kvit lookbook © New Channel Press Service

In the new collection of Catherine Quit – dresses, jackets and cloaks decorated with female portraits. They were created by theatrical artist Daria Belaya.

Katerina Kvit clothing is simply unrealistic. I really liked the idea with a print in the form of a portrait of a woman on jackets, coats, sweaters. He was so beautiful! .. Like the colors: saturated green, red, beige – my favorites. I would wear every item from the collection to work and to the party, and even to the wedding! The clothes are very successful and maximally emphasizes femininity, Malvina said.

Now in the personal piggy bank Malvina – a new valuable experience.

This season, cooperation with Ekaterina Quit is my most ambitious work. Moreover, shooting a lookbook for a model is a very cool experience. Plus, now I know how presentations of collections are held, and I will be happy to accept such proposals in the future, the winner of TMPU.

Malvina Chuklya in Katerina Kvit lookbook

Malvina Chuklya in Katerina Kvit lookbook © New Channel Press Service

Recall that Malvina Chuklya takes an active part in Ukrainian Fashion Week – she defiled for several brands, including a charity show on the excessive use of clothing.

Earlier, Malvina Chuklya told what she spent on 100 thousand UAH won on “Top Models in Ukrainian”.


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