Portraits of nature: a new collection of fine jewelry De Beers
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The new collection of Portraits of Nature is represented by five thematic parries. However, wearing one set is definitely not required, but any object can be the beginning of your own jewelry collection. Each of them allows you to reveal the diversity of the color palette of diamonds. Greater Flamingos – all shades of pink and pale yellow, Monarch Butterflies – from fiery to light brown, Electric Cichlids – canary-yellow and white stones, Knysna Chameleon – the maximum wide palette of gray-green to brown-purple hues. The collection can be considered a rare collection: according to the gemologists of the company, a fantasy diamond of a pronounced hue is found one in 10 thousand. Here it is all collected from such exceptional stones.

Monarch butterflies

The inhabitants of the wild nature are the main theme of the Portraits of Nature collection – sustained not only in the color imitation of nature (for example, the masters tried to shift the shine of the hummingbird fish scales or chameleon color over the jewelry language), but also the materials. A significant part of the jewelry is made of stones without cut. So the masters of De Beers emphasize the natural beauty of the stone – without the facets, it does not sparkle, but flickers or gently emits light. As an exception, to imitate the color of the withers of the zebra in the collection used plates of black parlaminthra, which supplemented the micro-details of white diamonds. Especially successful experience in the imitation of nature seems to be a ring from the ruler, inspired by the butterfly Danaid monarch: the open form of the ring creates the illusion that the insect is accidentally sitting on the finger.

Electric cichlids

The most intricate and large necklaces traditionally for collections of high jewelry art of De Beers are transforming jewelry: large-carat jewels are decomposed into simpler jewelry. For example, a necklace in the line based on the chameleon can be worn in five ways – from a laconic riviera or a chain with a pear-cut soliter to a full composition, in which baguette diamonds are combined with unfastened.


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