Powdery eyebrows: features of the procedure, price, photo before / after
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Powdery Eyebrows © depositphotos.com

Eyebrows – with them our face takes shape. They can both emphasize the eyes and make the oval wider. Although the eyebrow trends for the winter of 2020 tend to strings, the lush and thick eyebrows are still trending, like natural eyebrows. To achieve the perfect look of eyebrows, many girls turn to powder spraying.

Powder eyebrows

Powdery Eyebrows © depositphotos.com

What is eyebrow powdering?

Powder spraying of eyebrows is a type of tattoo. The procedure is carried out by the method of shallow skin pigmentation. This method is more like a traditional tattoo and involves applying thousands of tiny dots of pigment to gradually create color and a certain shape. If the master draws hairs in the microblending machine, then powder spraying allows you to create the ombre effect – a smooth transition from the dark tail of the eyebrow to the lighter tip of the nose.

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Advantages of powdering eyebrows:

suitable for oily and aging skin
less painful than other types of tattooing (a special nozzle with 16 needles is used, which only slightly raise the scales of the upper layer of the epidermis, laying the pigment to a depth of a tenth of a millimeter)
the effect lasts longer (a second procedure is required only after 12-18 months)
eyebrows look full and natural, unlike the use of classic tattoo

Who needs powdery eyebrows?

Powdery eyebrows are suitable for girls and women of all ages and skin types. If you have rare hairs, light and inexpressive eyebrows, you want to slightly change the shape, avoiding cutting contours, or to achieve a natural and long-lasting effect, this procedure is suitable for you.

Please note that the procedure is contraindicated for people with diabetes, allergies, poor blood coagulation, herpes in the acute stage and during pregnancy.

Powder eyebrows

Powdery eyebrows: before and after © instagram.com/dora_hollos/

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before the procedure, you can not dye the eyebrows with henna, on the day of the session you can not drink tea or coffee, as well as drink alcohol.

How much does the procedure cost?

The price of powdery eyebrow spraying depends on the skill level of the master and the salon in which you plan to do the procedure. On average, in Kiev, the price varies from 1700 to 5000 thousand hryvnia.

To do or not?

After the procedure, many girls note a good effect. Not surprising, because you no longer need to dye eyebrows with pencil or shadows. However, it should be borne in mind that a year after the procedure, the pigment is washed out, dims and becomes lighter. Accordingly, your eyebrows may look completely different than they were at the beginning and as you imagined. To do this, you need to regularly make corrections.

Powder eyebrows

Powdery Eyebrows © depositphotos.com

Before you carry out the procedure, you should carefully choose the master. Your result depends on his technique and qualifications. It is best to find the master’s work on social networks along with before / after photos and customer reviews.

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