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Recently the shipyard Esenyacht stationed on the premises of the Turkish town of Bodrum, has revealed the first images of the yacht Troy, the length of which is fifty meters. Currently the ship is in the development stage, it is the stocks Esenyacht. The launch is expected at the end of next year.

For exterior features and the interior design were answered by the Englishman Tim Saunders. Having a stormy 23-year-old designer biography, Tim has developed a design along with a team of designers working in the state of shipyard.

Sailing yacht will be equipped with living quarters for 12 persons in the form of a guest for 9 persons of crew. All cabins are located on the lower deck, stretching the whole length of the body. The yacht is fit for competitive races and rowing regattas, and for a memorable cruise travel.

Special attention developers have focused on the design and the location of the kitchen. They say the kitchen will include technology not previously used in the sector of sailing boats. Detailed information on this yet, but the management soon (over the next few months) plans to provide it.

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