Question-answer: what is dry-brushing and how does it fight cellulite?
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What is dry brushing and how does it fight cellulite ©

Do you dream to get rid of cellulite and get beautiful, smooth, smooth skin? All this can be achieved with just one procedure – dry-brushing. Today it is one of the most popular procedures that really works against cellulite.

Dry brushing is a dry brush massage. In fact, you rub the body with a brush without using water, soap, or other means on a "dry body." This procedure is easy to repeat at home, and it does not take so much time.

The advantages of this procedure is that dry brushing fights against cellulite, improves well-being and normalizes the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. After the first time you will notice that the skin has become softer than after any scrub. Experts recommend conducting dry brushing no more than 2-3 times a week.

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What is dry brushing and how does it fight cellulite ©

How to carry out dry brushing at home?

In order to repeat the dry brushing procedure at home, you will need a wooden brush with natural bristles of medium or high hardness and free time.

Massage is best done before you take a shower. Remember, your skin should be dry. Massage the body with a brush from the bottom up. Start from the heels and gradually move up. Massage movements should be as neat, long and straight as possible.


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But the problem areas should focus. The area of ​​the hips and buttocks should be massaged in a circular motion. In the area of ​​the abdomen and chest, the dry brushing procedure should be carried out carefully, since there is thin skin.

After you have performed the massage with a dry brush, you should take a warm shower, and then grease your skin with oil or a nourishing cream. Remember, after brushing, there should be no scratches.

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