Question-answer: what should not be done after playing sports?
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What is strictly forbidden to do after playing sports? ©

Do you exercise regularly, but don’t notice the results? Perhaps it all depends not only on the chosen workouts, but also on the fact that after the lesson you do forbidden tricks. If you do not want to nullify all efforts or, even worse, spoil your health, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with prohibited practices that cannot be repeated after training.

Limiting water. Many are sure that after training, in no case should you drink water. This is the most global mistake that many make. According to experts, after training you need to drink as much as you want. Lack of water balance can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and almost to a faint.

You miss the stretch. If you do not want to be pursued by injuries, torn muscles and ligaments, we recommend that you do not skip the stretch. After strength training, at least a 30-minute stretch is required, which will calm the muscles and allow lactic acid to distribute.


What is strictly forbidden to do after playing sports? ©

Immediately after training, you fly into food. Within an hour after a workout, the body burns calories at an awful speed. And if you eat immediately after a workout, the probability of getting a beautiful figure is minimized. Remember, the first meal after a workout should come after 30 minutes.

Go to bed right away. Even if you fall off your feet, the body needs at least 2 hours to slow down all processes and the body is ready for sleep.

Do not take a shower. After any workout, you must take a shower, otherwise you risk that the pores will quickly clog and bacteria will multiply.

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