Responsible Choice: IQOS – a stylish gift with meaning
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In 2020, IQOS can act as a stylish and thoughtful gift. This ultra-modern gadget for heating tobacco has not only a fashionable design, but also an advanced functionality for which every smoker will be grateful.


There is no need to describe the design in words. You just need to look at the photos and see the modern design of the gadget, or better, come and hold it in your hands. A wide palette of shades will help you choose IQOS, which organically fits into the image.

In addition, IQOS is a story about mindfulness in habits. If there is a desire to continue smoking, then it is better to do it together with IQOS and with much less harm to health and more pleasure. Another important point: in IQOS sticks, the filter is made of sugar cane and corn starch biopolymer, therefore it is biodegradable and, in the natural environment, breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. And all IQOS gadgets that have served their purpose can be returned to the company boutique for the correct processing and reuse of valuable materials.


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