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On the morning of 5 July, the victory of the Russian team “the Lords of sails” has completed the fourth phase of the largest offshore race in the Baltic Nord Stream Race.

The victory at a distance Helsinki-Saint-Petersburg brought the Russian team the major trophies of the Nord Stream Race 2018: victory in the championship of offshore stages and the overall win in the regatta. First place in the standings of the coastal race the Russians won the day before.

Like last season, the final stage proved successful for the Ekaterinburg command “Lords of sails – Asia”, representing Russia in the Nord Stream Race in 2018. In 2017 for the Russian team it was, in a sense, a consolation victory, but now the people only fought for the main prizes.

The race between the Finnish capital and St. Petersburg can be considered the classic distance of the Nord Stream Race, as this segment is always included into the program of the regatta. Let the waters familiar to most participants, the 2018 season still has a surprise in the form of unusual light winds.

“Started from Helsinki in third, went to the paint for very long, says Shkotovo Russian team “Masters of sail” Dmitry Sudakov. — In the open sea went the full course, all raised gennaker and the fleet divided, the two teams went to the right, two left, we decided to stay in the middle on this solution is locally lost, the rivals went ahead.

Deciding to change tactics, we went far to the left as saw the wind, the other competitors pulled to the right. This maneuver worked and brought us second place, we were under the Danes. Long they fought and the night came on the first position. Somewhere at 5-6 in the morning the wind was completely sour and the boats were next, then some others came forward, we tried to hold his position and control of the Danes and the Germans.”

To win in all tests of Nord Stream Racе, the Russians was enough to finish in Saint-Petersburg the second, but the team fulfilled the program maximum.

“We set ourselves the task to win, — says the captain of the Russian team “the Lords of sails” Sergey Musikhin. — The mood of the team was good, and even minor damage could not us to ruin it.

The format of the race is very difficult, you don’t have time to relax offshore are replaced by short races, and all teams work hard. A very interesting regatta and a very good atmosphere around the race. Happy that we won for our country — Russia, for the city of Yekaterinburg and for his home yacht club Tavatuy.

In the following table, the situation was not so clear. The Danish Frederikshavn Sejlklub this year showed their best side. Victory on the stage from Stockholm to Helsinki and a second finish at St. Petersburg gave the team of Denmark second place in the standings offshore races and third in the overall standings Nord Stream Racе 2018.

Medals in all tests ensured the Germans, the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein team. Before Nord Stream Racе 2018, the Germans were favorites of the competition, but the unstable performance somewhat spoiled the picture of the crew in the overall standings. However, the victory in the second stage and in races in Kiel for them.

Didn’t manage to race in the open sea off the Finnish team. The four stages of the Finnish crew only once finished in the top three. On the contrary, in the coastal races, the Finns were more stable and won a bronze medal in this competition.

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