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Sanatoria KMV – a healthy mind in a healthy body

Relax with benefits for your health doubly enjoyable. For those who like to enjoy the pure air of the mountains sanatoria KMV, under this title refers to the Union of Spa towns eloquent of the North Caucasus: Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk. Resorts are a short distance from each other. Each of them are located on mountain heights and has its own preventive profile. Namely:

• The resort of Kislovodsk spetsializiruyutsya on the prevention and treatment of problems associated with the respiratory tract, circulatory system and Central nervous system.
• Resorts in Essentuki is designed for campers with complex liver disease, patients with metabolic disorders. For patients who tend to forget about diseases of the digestive tract.
• Hospitals in Pyatigorsk practice to help people do battle with the diseases of the systems: nervous, skeletal-muscular, with sores of the skin.
• But the health resort of Zheleznovodsk narrow. Professional only treatment of ailments of the digestive system.

Sanatoria KMV – a healthy mind in a healthy body 2

Regional location of each of the hospitals is quite colorful and looks like: undulating plains Stepan slowly turning into mountainous terrain. Because of the combination of pure mountain air and good, a rare mineral water, the human body gets the maximum positive effect.

In other palaces the health of the Caucasian Mineral Waters differ:

1. Pleasing to human health natural environment. Most of the time of year in the complex observed in clear weather without precipitation. For example, Kislovodsk individual the fact that out of 365 days in the year 340 Sunny. Winter is very warm, without snow. That’s why vacationers visit the resort all year round.

2. Practical transportation. In Mineral Waters works modern airport, which was created to serve domestic and international lines.

3. A variety of treatment. That is: balanced diet; complex procedures which based on the use of medicinal components of natural origin together with physiotherapy treatments; mud from the sludge ponds; swimming in the salty sea; physical education.

An important factor in the popularity of the resort was the opportunity to be alone with him, to the soul to be healed.

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