September 2019 lunar haircut calendar
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Summer does not spare hair – the sun, wind, sea water and other factors can make them weaker. Therefore, autumn is the perfect time to renew your haircut. publishes the lunar haircut calendar for September, so you can choose the right time for the update.

Haircuts lunar calendar for September 2019

September 1st is a neutral haircut day.

September 2 – if you have naughty hair, it is best to do a haircut that day. But keep in mind that they will grow faster.

September 3 – Shout about hairdressing.

September 4 – according to the lunar calendar, a haircut on this day can bring a lot of problems with finances.

September 5th is a good day for experimentation and classics.

September 6 – a haircut that day will make your hair obedient and strong.

September 7th is a good time to change hairstyles.

September 8 – Refrain from change.

September 9th – if you have long wanted a shorter haircut, then this is the perfect time.

September 10 is a good day for manipulating the bangs.

September 11 – it’s better to devote this time to restorative procedures.

September 12 is a neutral day.

September 13 is an unfavorable time for haircuts.

September 14 – refrain from changes in appearance.

September 15 – do not cut your hair this day; changing your hairstyle will bring you negative emotions.

September 16 – the result of haircuts on this day is unpredictable.

September 17 – the lunar calendar does not advise getting a haircut on that day.

September 18 is a neutral period.

September 19th is a good time for change.

September 20 – sign up to the master, this is the perfect time.

September 21 – clean your hair.

September 22 – refrain from a radical change in length.

September 23 is an unfavorable day.

September 24 – refuse haircut on that day.

September 25th is a good time for change.

September 26th – after cutting, hair can become naughty.

September 27th is a good day for medium length haircuts.

September 28 – cutting hair is recommended for a complete change of image.

September 29 – a new hairstyle will cheer you up.

September 30 – cut your hair faster – changing your image will help you in all areas of life.

Recall that we previously published the lunar staining calendar for September 2019.


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