Shaved off his beard and became a 3D model: what the participants of the “Top Models in Ukrainian” did for UFW
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Shaved off his beard and became a 3D model: what the Top Ukrainian Models participants did for UFW © the press service of the New Channel

Recently, it is impossible to imagine Ukrainian Fashion Week without the participants of "Top Models in Ukrainian". Every year, the number of graduates of the project is growing, and Fashion Week is replenished with familiar faces thanks to reality. Who defiled at the shows of Ukrainian designers in the fall-winter 20/21 season, and what funny things happened to the models, learned the New Channel.

Masha Shevchenko – record holder in tattoos

Two years after participating in TMPU, Masha worked as a bartender and made a tattoo, but this season the girl literally blew up the fashion world! Most recently, she returned from Paris, where she took part in the last show of Jean-Paul Gaultier and in the Armani show. Now the girl has made eight shows at Ukrainian Fashion Week, and is not going to stop.

I just returned from Paris, I will work a little in Ukraine, and then I fly to Milan, and again Paris. At UFW, I had eight shows, each of them is special in its own way. This season I worked with designers such as JULIA KROS, VBO, CHUPRINA, PRZHONSKAYA and others. And at the BENDUS show, at the request of the designer, I even kissed on the catwalk with a model guy! claims Masha.

UFW FW 20-21: Masha Shevchenko at the BENDUS show

UFW FW 20-21: Masha Shevchenko at the BENDUS show © New Channel press service

Malvina Chuklya – for impressions without castings

The winner of the third season of "Top Models in Ukrainian" once again proved that she won the first place for a reason. The fall-winter season 20/21 is Chukley’s second participation in UFW, but she has already become a recognizable model that designers themselves invite to their shows.

I did five shows this season – ARUTIUNOVA, CHUPRINA, Mary Kay x DASTISH FANTASTISH, DARJA DONEZZ and a charity show on informed consumption. A pleasant surprise was my contact with Daria Donets. She did not collaborate with KModels (the model agency of Alla Kostromicheva, with whom Malvina works, – ed.), But invited her to work. She just remembered me from last season, she liked me, and here she offered cooperation. How easy and quick we worked together! summed up Malvina.

UFW FW 20-21: Malvina Chukla at the DARJA DONEZZ Fashion Show

UFW FW 20-21: Malvina Chukla at the DARJA DONEZZ show © New Channel Press Service

This season, UFW Malvina entered as the winner of the model reality, so those around her showed increased interest.

They began to recognize me – very often photographers, stylists, make-up artists, guests of Fashion Week came up to take selfies with me or bombard me with compliments. I’m even uncomfortable, but very, very nice! Chuklya speaks shyly.

Darina Gerasimchuk first opened the show

One of the most charismatic participants in the third season, Darina Gerasimchuk, first appeared on the catwalk of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Yes, and how spectacularly – she opened the STARCHAK show.

I study at the university, so I missed castings on UFW. But still I got there – I was personally invited to open the STARCHAK brand show. To say that emotions overwhelm me is to say nothing. I just walked like a goddess, and everyone around shouted: "Muse!" I will say this – I really liked working at Ukrainian Fashion Week, Darinka told the New Channel.

UFW FW 20-21: Darina Gerasimchuk at the STARCHAK show

UFW FW 20-21: Darina Gerasimchuk at the STARCHAK show © New Channel press service

Dima Toporinsky has become a 3D-model and leading

If in past seasons UFW a graduate of the second season of “Top Models in Ukrainian” Dima Toporinsky went on the catwalk in fur coats and dresses, then this time he became a 3D model.

This season UFW, I worked with only one brand – FINCH. But this was not a show, but a separate presentation – the collaboration of FINCH and CASTA EYEWEAR. A 3D model was made from my photo in the brand’s clothes. Now on the FINCH page on Instagram you will find a mask with my figure, which can be placed anywhere in augmented reality, explained Dima Toporinsky.

View this post on Instagram

Ukrainian brands FINCH and CASTA EYEWEAR present the first project in Ukraine combining art, fashion and technology. Curated by @kyivsmoker Doroshenko Kostiantyn, a Ukrainian art critic and curator of contemporary art, this project features the Ukrainian artist and 3-d sculptor Julia Beliaeva @ and Japanese calligraphy artist Takahiko Ishii. Short teaser about our preparation process by Videohead production. The premiere is on 02-02-02.20 during Ukrainian Fashion Week. FINCH @finch_wear website: CASTA EYEWEAR @casta_eyewear website: Video by @videohead_ 3D printing and prototyping by @___ 3d_fun___ AR by @ Music: @polynationmusic Latest album: UA Ukranian brandy FINCH and CASTA EYEWEAR represent the first Ukrainian project, which’s new, fashion and technology. Kurovanov Doroshenko Kostyantinom, Ukrainian mystical trainer and curator of an ordinary mystery school, whose project includes robots of Ukrainian artists and the third sculptor Julia Bїlyaevo @ and the Japanese artist and caligraf Takakhіko Іс. The video preparation process was documented by the @videohead_ team Prem'ra vida will be 02/01/02/20 the hour of the Ukrainian fashion show @ ukrainianfashionweek_official 3D druck and prototype @___ 3d_fun___ AR technology @ music us oud ound ound .com .com .com .com .com oud : #finchcastaar

A post shared by FINCH (@finch_wear) on Feb 1, 2020 at 11:16 pm PST

And if Dima is not cooperating with FINCH for the first time, then something this season was nevertheless new to him – he became the leader.

For me, this UFW is clearly different from those in which I have participated since 2018. The main feature is that Yasya and I (Yasya Krutova, Toporinsky’s girlfriend, whom they met on the project, ed.) Took part not as models, but as presenters. They gave presentations, interviewed visitors. Soon you will be able to see the result on the YouTube channel of Ukrainian Fashion Week says Dima.

View this post on Instagram

You may not immediately notice me, but in this photo I am interviewing fashion editor of @elle_ukraine magazine Roman @ romantimo3 ✨ And soon you will not see the youtube channel @ukrainianfashionweek_official

A post shared by ᴄᵃˡˡ ᵐᵉ ᴇᵛᵃ 🌾 (@kruttova) on Feb 2, 2020 at 4:05 am PST

Egor Stepanenko made changes to the defile

Brutal Yegor takes part in the Ukrainian Fashion Week for the third time, and feels like a fish in water at shows. Even gives advice to designers.

This season I took one SONYAMONINA show – Sony is always easy to work with, a good stylist will help and morally support, there are no tense moments. Just before the catwalk, I helped the stylists make a spontaneous decision not to put on a jacket, but to carry it in my hands. It’s just that I stood in the backstage in this position, and the stylist really liked it. Therefore, he sent me to the podium. That's how one little thing can affect the course of the show, Yegor recalls.

UFW FW 20-21: Egor Stepanenko at the SONYAMONINA fashion show

UFW FW 20-21: Yegor Stepanenko at the SONYAMONINA show © New Channel press service

Egor UFW also praised him as a spectator: in his opinion, Ukrainian Fashion Week is growing, and designers "went crazy."

Most of the shows turned into performances, it seemed that the designers are trying to beat each other in oddities. Some even abandoned the catwalks and did exhibitions with 3D-images. Although I didn’t really like this, I think that the Ukrainian designers have a great future for the model.


TAYANNA, Anna Zavalskaya, Irina Gorovaya: guests of the fourth day UFW FW20 / 21

Sergey Gerdov shaved his beard for the sake of showing

Egor Stepanenko’s neighbor in a rented apartment in Kiev also took part in one show – the KASS brand. Not only that, for the sake of one penetration, Sergey Gerdov had to shave his beard, but he also almost fell on the podium.

For the sake of this exit I had to shave! It’s all about the conditions dictated by the designer and the concept of the show: we acted as Indians, each had a role, I, for example, had a wolf. Huge huts were brought to the podium, smoke was blowing … More a theatrical show than a classic show. At the end of the penetration, at the point, I almost fell over, because some slippery thing was glued to our soles. But, fortunately, Sergey was spared.

UFW FW 20-21: Sergey Gerdov at the KASS show

UFW FW 20-21: Sergey Gerdov at the KASS show © Press Service of the New Channel

Alina Milyaeva is consistently lucky

After participating in the third season of “Supermodels in Ukrainian”, Alina Milyaeva managed not only to create a charity fund and get into the finals of the Miss Ukraine 2018 beauty contest, but also to take part in UFW several times. At the same time, the girl had not encountered standard model problems at her shows, for example, uncomfortable shoes of too small a size. Alina was lucky this season too – the defile went calmly and well.

This season I worked with the brands LAKE studio and SANNA ONE. And if we have been cooperating with LAKE for a long time, then for the first time with the second brand. But everything went at an excellent level, there’s nothing to complain about, even if Alina wanted to.

UFW FW 20-21: Alina Milyaeva at the LAKE STUDIO show

UFW FW 20-21: Alina Milyaeva at the LAKE STUDIO show © New Channel Press Service

Helen Feofanova tried to kiss the prince

After the project, the most curly model, Lenochka Feofanova, is engaged in painting, in addition to modeling. The girl even holds workshops on needlework! So at UFW she demonstrated not only her modeling skills, but also her creative nature.

I participated in the creative show of the ROUSSIN brand. Designer Sofia Rusinovich approached the show creatively – she staged a fairy tale about a little prince. I got, so to speak, the main role, because I was the only girl on the catwalk. Each participant in the show had to draw something on the wall – to complement the picture or spoil it. My task was to draw my lips carelessly and kiss the little prince. And then an incident happened: it was drawn too high, and I could not fully realize the idea. Although it turned out all the same spectacularly. By the way, in this show I worked with Dima Sukach – he is very impressed with the model told me.

UFW FW 20-21: Helen Feofanova at the ROUSSIN show

UFW FW 20-21: Helen Feofanova at the ROUSSIN show © New Channel press service

Dima Sukach became a zebra

Dima is taking part in the Ukrainian Fashion Week for the fourth time. And always his shows are not complete without curiosities. And now the guy almost fell and did not crawl on the podium on all fours.

I participated in two shows – ROUSSIN and KASS. We made friends with Sonya Rusinovich, this is the third time that I have presented her clothes at UFW. For the first time, he collaborated with KASS, and it’s such an honor to open the show. Here the fun began. We went to the podium through the wigwam, in which there was very little space. In general, I walk in slippery boots, slip on some polystyrene foam, and imagine how in the form of a zebra on all fours I crawl out onto the podium … But since everything happened in the wigwam, no one saw anything. Although I would still get out – thanks to the project, I taught Dima to get out of any situations.

UFW FW 20-21: Dima Sukach at the KASS show

UFW FW 20-21: Dima Sukach at the KASS show © New Channel Press Service

By tradition, at UFW Dima celebrated his birthday. He also decided that in the future he wants to connect life with staging and directing shows.

Recall that the site of the New Channel hosts the second stage of voting for participants in the Super Season of the project "Super Top Model in Ukrainian", in which the brightest participants from all previous seasons of the reality of SMPU and TMPU will fight for victory.

Earlier we showed the shooting of Malvina Chukli for the Katerina Kvit lookbook, which, by the way, the winner of “Top Models in Ukrainian” was held without casting.


UFW FW20 / 21: backstage of the fourth day (photo)

Maria Burmaka, Vladimir Nechiporuk and Dima Sukach: guests of the fifth day UFW FW20 / 21

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