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30 September in Cascais ended the world championship in class RC44 yacht, on which the “Nika” of Vladimir Prosikhin won his third world title, and “Battleship” Kirill Frolov — solid bronze. Both teams train at the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

The sailing Mecca of Portugal, the town of Cascais, the world championship of the RC44 class for the second time. And for the second time here the winner of the Russian “Nika”. The first title in the class Mr Prosikhin won in 2015, but this season, the victory was much more confident.

So, Nika led the championship after the second day of the race, but before the decisive day advantage over the veterans class, Slovenian Cereef, was negligible.

In the first race of the Slovenes walked “nick”, but then, according to Vladimir, “abandoned match-flight”, and “Nika” finished ahead of the opponent. Well, the victory in the final race has removed all doubts.

“Remembering the year of 2015, I will say that today’s race was given to us harder. More fresh wind, difficult to control the boat speed is higher, — says Prosikhin. But we got an incredible pleasure from the races and, of course, from third world title in RC44 class”

The result, incidentally, is historical. The team of Vladimir Prosikhin — at the moment the only three-time world Champions in this class.

As for “Battleship,” the team finished the championship with bronze in case of equal points with the veterans class, multiple winners of past seasons, British “Aqua”.

Tie-break in favor of the Russians was resolved thanks to three victories Consequently won in the previous days. By the way, the only team that has won more races in this championship, became Slovenian Cereef (four against three Russians).

The world championship in Cascais RC44 season is nearly over. Ahead of the team waiting for the decisive battle for the title of the season, which will be held in mid-November here in Portugal.

Credit: Martinez Studio / RC44 Class

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