Summer hairstyles on the example of Ukrainian celebrities
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Elegance is in simplicity. This statement applies to the style of clothing, and makeup, and manicure or hairstyle. Pay attention to the last. On average, women spend about 12 thousand hryvnias per year on hair care. This amount includes only care products, haircut and painting. The desire to look beautiful encourages us to visit beauty salons and do fashionable hairstyles. But there are many styling options that do not require special skills.

The editorial team has prepared several hairstyles for you on the example of Ukrainian celebrities, which you can easily repeat at home.


Thick curls are ideal for owners of long hair. They will set you apart from the crowd and make any image bright and unforgettable. To make thick curls, use a curling iron. For a larger volume, do a small pile. Anna Sedokova demonstrated a slightly bold version of such a hairstyle.

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Straight hair

For those who are not ready to refine their hair, we suggest leaving your hair straight. Make an even parting at the top of your head, strip your hair and comb it. If necessary, use an iron, and lay the naughty curls with a spray or gel. A similar hairstyle can often be seen on TV presenter Katie Osadcha.

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What’s the screen? The premier @goloskrainy_official is just contagious! Who are the coaches and the volunteers for?

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Hairstyles for hot weather: the best options for every day

Wet hair effect

Stylish and uncomplicated styling option for short hair. To create a similar hairstyle, mix milk, conditioner or foam with hair wax and apply to wet hair. The effect of wet hair is now worn by Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Margot Robbie, Allison Williams, Sarah Paulson and the entire Kardashian family. Of Ukrainian celebrities, she can often be seen on the singer Maruv.

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Photo by @olehphoenix

A post shared by MARUV (@maruvofficial) on May 8, 2019 at 12:19 pm PDT

Tail with a scythe

If you have long hair, in summer there is nothing better than a tail. And to diversify this comfortable hairstyle a little, braid your hair in a braid. Get a stylish hairstyle, which is not afraid of either summer rain or the hot sun. That's exactly what Nastya Kamensky does.

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Light waves

This lightweight casual hairstyle is perfect for a warm summer evening or a party on the terrace. To lay with light waves, apply mousse, foam or spray and comb them. Divide the hair into strands and wind each strand with a curling iron or ironing. For the most natural effect, whip the strands with your fingers, separating the curls. This hairstyle is adored by Natalia Mogilevskaya.

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Sloppy bunch

This is not only the fastest styling for long hair, but also the easiest. Gather the hair on the top and twist it in a spiral. Wrap the spiral around the base and stab the resulting snail with hairpins. Stretch out individual strands a bit to give the hairstyle volume and the effect of negligence. Similar hairstyles are often chosen by Nadia Dorofeeva.

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