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New model Super Air Nautique G21 from Nautique, the company was presented this month, this year. G21 is the most compact representative of the famous G-series, after making a splash in the field of wakeboard/vacsera.

New boat Super Air Nautique G21 by and large includes the same options as the previous two models, exactly the same interior and layout, in a word, the same wave of impeccable quality.

Through the use of the transmission of the PCM company along with a specially matched propeller and the NCRS system, the ship excels with the basic engine (the 343-horsepower PCM engine 5.7 liters), and this despite the impressive characteristics, including the total weight of passengers and ballast, which equals 2.5-3 tonnes.

Representatives of the Wake industry has already said a lot of good reviews about the product. Sean Murray, a renowned World champion in the camp, argues that there is no such wave, which could leave the G-series from its pedestal of the winner. The strongest of our time wakeboarder Mike dowdy says that Nautique has once again outdone herself. Mike adds that the new boat line Super Air Nautique downright amazing.

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