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The final competition day of RC44 Cascais Cup RC44 Championship Tour season 2018 has not pleased participants and fans an exciting fight. Held the day before the front left of the Atlantic coast of Portugal in captivity for light winds, so start deciding the race was not held. The results of the previous day was deemed final: “nick” won silver, and “Battleship” finished sixth.

The team is the current world champion Vladimir RC44 Procaine “nick” came out at the start of the final stage of the season as the leader of the standings, but with a minimal advantage. It seemed that the crew titled Petersburger can not cope with the task, keeping rivals behind on 15 and 16 November. But the situation ruined a bad day on 17 November, when the wind “Nika” worsened the results, so that fell out of the first three.

“It’s a shame that the medals decided one day, but this is typical for races of the RC44 class, says Mr Prosikhin. — There is very high competition. By the way, last season, the outcome was equally dramatic. However, in 2018, we won the third world title and second consecutive RC44 silver season. This is a good result, and I can say that we had a great season.”

The victory in the overall standings of the RC44 Championship Tour for the first time in the career of the celebrated Dutch steering Niko Punch crew “Charisma”, which appears under the pennant of the Yacht club of Monaco. Along with “Nike” the same number of points scored by the veterans class and the winners of the 2017 season — the Slovenian Ceeref. However, the tie-break in the fight for second place was resolved in favor of “Nicky”, and Slovenes took third place.

Credit: Martinez Studio / RC44 Class

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