The history of cruise shows Christian Dior
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On April 29, Maria Grazia Curie will show the new Christian Dior cruise collection. It will happen in Marrakesh, where chief editors, ambassadors of the Fashion House and influenzaers have already been brought on a branded plane.


In 2017, she went to the California desert, and last year chose to stay in France – the show Dior Resort 2019 was held in a large stable of the estate of Chantilly. tells how the brand began the tradition of creating cruise collections.

Christian Dior is a man who knew how to enjoy life and wanted others to learn it. Just a year after the opening of the fashion house, he launches the Resort and Spring collection. It was originally intended for American women who are accustomed to rest on warm islands in the winter. Monsieur Dior then called the models appropriately – Bahamas, Honolulu, Palm Springs, and their main feature was the ease of folding into a suitcase.


Already in 1952, the designer wrote in his "Fashion Dictionary": "If you travel a lot, you need compact outfits made of light, non-fading fabrics." Now it sounds absolutely natural and understandable, but then it looked really revolutionary.

The tradition of cruise shows was revived in 1990 by Gianfranco Ferre, and John Galliano continued – in 2006 he gave a bright show in New York, after which cruise collections again became an obligatory part of the Christian Dior fashion schedule.

Christian Dior Resort 2007

The last years of the show are becoming more ambitious and take place in unusual places. For example, in May 2015, the Palais Bulle villa, an original sculptural house in which the present merges with the past, was chosen as the venue for the cruise collection. Then Christian Dior fans were invited to the residence of the Dukes of Marlborough, near Oxford, where in 1954 and 1958 the H and Courbe lines were represented.

Christian Dior Resort 2016

For Christian Dior, a cruise collection is not only a reason to hold a show in a new unusual place, but also to tell about its traditions or little-known facts from history. In 2017, for example, a brand show took place in the California desert, but there was also a link between the present and the past. So Maria Grazia Kyuri wanted to pay homage to the line of Christian Dior Ovale.

Jennifer Lawrence in the Christian Dior Resort 2018 advertising campaign

In May of 2018, the place was also chosen for a reason – the Chantilly estate plays a great role in the history of the fashion house, because it was Christian Dior who called it a bright symbol of French art to live. In 1947 he presented the dress to Chantilly, and 10 years later he presented the same name to a different image, emphasizing his admiration for this horse palace erected by architect Jean Aubert for Louis IV Bourbon, the seventh Prince of Condé. Maria Gracia Curie has skillfully combined this historical fact with the theme of feminism and feminine power, which she raises in each season. Thus, the Resort 2019 collection was dedicated to the Escaramusians – Mexican horsewomen, who at one time won the right to participate in the traditional rodeo on a par with men, performing difficult stunts on horseback.

Christian Dior Resort 2019

It is known about the Christian Dior collection that it is inspired by the theme of multiculturalism, and one of the sources of inspiration for Maria Grazia Curie was the essay by Tahar Benjelloun "Racism Explained to My Daughter".

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