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15 July in France came into effect taxes on yacht Charter. And although sailors this event was waiting for, but somewhere deep down dream about a reprieve for another year. A reasonable question: why the new rules of the French Republic have an overall impact on a Mediterranean Charter? Because similar laws were in Italy and Spain, however, if the yacht is hired in France, with further departure into the waters of neighbouring countries, the VAT for the Charter did not vzyalsya. That is why the routes across the Mediterranean sea was compiled, taking into account this fact.

The end result, a tax cannot be called the most predatory, because it is 9.8%. In practice, this means that if a person picks Charter a 45-foot yacht, which is worth exactly 100 million euros/a week, then he must additionally pay relevant tax — 9800 euros. A considerable sum of money, but somehow you can survive.

Inspection of the côte d’azur, Sardinia and Capri in June-July 2013, it was concluded that essentially nothing has changed: of the yacht as they were in certain bays, and continue to stand. That is, people do not really tend to change their habits and whims because of some kind of tax. A good example: people go to certain countries mainly because they want to, but not because it is cheaper.

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