There is a way to quickly check the real age of your skin.
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The real age of your skin © Getty images

Despite the biological age, the actual age of facial skin can vary significantly. American plastic surgeons showed a test with which you can quickly determine the real age of your skin.

To conduct the test, you need to pinch the skin on the back of the hands with your thumb and forefinger and hold it for several seconds. Then you should let go of the skin and detect the time during which the skin will finally recover.

Now, remember the time and determine the result from the table:

1-2 seconds – your skin is younger than 30 years old;
3-4 seconds – 30-44 years;
5-9 seconds – 45-50 years;
10-15 seconds – 60 years;
15-35 seconds – 70 years;
36 seconds or more – older than 70 years.

Skin on the face

The real age of your skin © Getty images

If you noticed that your biological age does not coincide with the real skin age, not for the better, you should reconsider your lifestyle:

consume more water, vegetables and fruits, refuse sweets, smoked meats and fatty foods;
add antioxidant foods to the diet;
apply sunscreen to the skin of the body and face;
sleep at least 8 hours a day.

And not so long ago, we talked about 6 ways with which you can protect your skin from dryness in the cold.


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