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On the last day of November from the coast of one of the Canary Islands started the first ever race THE Transatlantik. Finish boats on the coast of the island of Grenada. The total route has a length of at 2950 miles.

The race was scheduled for the day before. But because of the strong storm to enter the competition was simply impossible. And November 30, has started all eleven of the yachts. The organizer of this amazing show was made by the English club, Royal Ocean Racing Club.

Among the participants there are Russians. They rented two of the biggest yacht – 100 feet and 94 feet. The team included – Leonid Ogorodnikov, Vladimir Sherman, Vladimir Kulinichenko and Amir Gallyamov. The composition also includes designer Pascal Kong and the winner of the Vendee Globe round the world race – Alan Gauthier.

Russians love huge volumes. Therefore, the second the largest yacht party they rented. The developers of the yacht announced that their creation involved in these races for the first time and expressed the hope that the first time will bring her success. The more ahead of the season.

Club Transat already booked Nomad IV to participate in the two regattas that will be held next year.

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