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A well-known company for the production of yachts, Jet-Tern Marine will soon release a new model Explorer Selene 72. In creating one of the previous models of this company, Selene 62/66 took part successful designer from the Netherlands Guido de Groot. Simulation of yacht Selene 78/92 also the work of his hands.

The new model will borrow the housing from the model of the Selene 66. The classic interior of the new Explorer 72 will be complemented by modern touches, typical of all new models, but you are unlikely to see two identical yachts.

The yacht has the design of the creative designs of the master Guido de Groot. He embodied all the achievements of modern society, and skillfully twisted them with luxurious classic interior. The boat is fully suitable for life, and you will feel the loss of usual comfort.

We are working on forming yachts. Already have two orders for the new model. The price of this trawler yachts are quite affordable and reasonable that is directly proportional to the quality of this model. New boat promises to be a successful creation of a shipbuilding company Jet-Tern Marine.

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