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We’re all running somewhere, always working, doing family home. And looking forward to summer. And it came, warmed us with the sun, bought in fun and again for a year hidden. Summer vacation is usually planned in advance. You need to pick a comfortable holiday base to defer a considerable amount of money to update your wardrobe. But is it necessary to go abroad? We have in Ukraine, that there are places which worth to visit in the summer? And how Koblevo, which is surrounded by dense vineyards. Want to visit the sandy coast, to breathe healthy air? Then immediately to us. The site contains all the information a itinerary how to get to this beautiful place. If travel is expected with children, do not worry. Sea is not deep, clean. The water is not stagnant, the waves are not high. In this resort town is well developed infrastructure: Aqua-Park, Dolphinarium, Luna Park, classic amusement rides, playgrounds. What else will delight holidaymakers health resort on the Black sea?

Treasure in the Black sea: Koblevo

• A feature of the landscape. The soft sand like slavilsya into a single unit with a long pine forest, which is located along the beach strip.
• The water in the sea warms up quickly. So you can swim and in the month of November.
• A unique microclimate that creates dense stands in tandem with the sea breeze. So even at +35 resting feel great.

Koblevo is so fond of tourists, which can simultaneously accommodate 25 thousand individuals. It is the largest recreation center of Ukraine. What about housing prices? Of course, there are options for all budgets. The cost of the apartments by almost 20 % grows in the period July-September. If you want to save cost to book a room in the private sector. But the beach will have to commute. Accommodations for tourists near the sea much more expensive. It can be recreation, rental apartments, vacation resorts, cottages, campgrounds. If in a resort town came to rest together. Discovery beach party, an extravagant disco clubs, carnival, boat trips sailing. You are a true connoisseur of fine wines on offer will go in a tour to a local winery.

Rest in Koblevo so that memorized the entire next year. Coming here for the first time, you will return. Sort of a family tradition.

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