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Trekking in Norway with the company “Marshrut”

In today’s world more and more people prefer staying on the beach, active holiday. The leader among active types of recreation undoubtedly recognized as a trekking. Most often, this holiday choose the country with its challenging climate that the campaign did not seem to rest simply by walking. The company “Marshrut”, which can be found on the resource https://www.marshrut-club.com/directions/2 invites you to go trekking through the homeland of the Vikings – Norway. This will be a real adventure even for experienced hikers.
Features of trekking in Norway

Trekking in Norway with the company “Marshrut” 2

Norway is one of the Nordic countries, with a harsh climate, treeless mountain peaks and scenic landscapes. Overall, a great place for Hiking.

The weather in Norway, even in summer not too favorable. Do not assume that the day temperature rises above +20C and at night it can drop to 0. In this country rain is common, and very often it is accompanied by gusty winds.

Trekking in Norway is quite complex, but in the way tourists often come across mountain shelters. However, the cost of spending the night in them is quite high, so they stop for the night is provided only in extreme cases.

In Norway there are places where you can go trekking. Jotunheimen national Park will enchant tourists with colored lakes, waterfalls and glaciers. One of the most popular destinations is the “Language Troll”. You can also visit the Vettisfossen waterfall, Sognefjord or climb to the highest point of the country – mount Galdhopiggen.
The advantages of traveling with “Marshrut”

Trekking in Norway with the company “Marshrut” 3

Tourist club “Marshrut” is not the first year organizes Hiking trips in different countries of the world, including in Norway. Trekking with this company has many advantages:

  • the organization of trips only at the optimum time;
  • signposted;
  • delicious and nourishing, but lightweight menu that allows to reduce the weight of backpacks;
  • affordability;
  • Predportovaya support;
  • detailed instruction individually for all participants of trips;
  • great experiences and precious experience.

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