Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20: what to expect from the new season?
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Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week

From August 31 to September 4, Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 will be held in the Mystetsky Arsenal. Fashion shows from 64 designer brands, 45 shows and presentations, 5 special projects initiated by Ukrainian Fashion Week, 6 lectures and public discussions are expected. Ukrainian Fashion Week is the intersection of designers, professional media and specialists from various industries.


Presenting authoritative international projects in Ukraine is no less important than representing the Ukrainian fashion industry outside the country.

Presentation of the Swedish Fashion Revolution: The future of textiles exhibition

Aug 31, 16:30 BE SUSTAINABLE! space, MA

The Fashion Revolution: The Future of Textiles exhibition aims to highlight the main challenges and cases of the fashion industry, Swedish solutions and initiatives for a more sustainable system.

The project was developed by the Swedish Institute together with researchers and fashion experts.

The exhibition was organized with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine and Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Today in the fashion industry a linear structure prevails, which is sometimes described by the words "take, do, dispose." World apparel production has more than doubled since 2000. We consume about 62 million tons of clothing per year, and only 20 percent is reused or recycled.

The exhibition demonstrates the new initiatives of the fashion industry in Sweden – from research projects to sustainable collections, from start-ups to existing businesses in various fields and for various operations – all this opens the way to a fashion revolution.

Lecture "Future Fashion Industry System" Malin Viola Wennberg (Mistra Future Fashion, Sweden)

09/01 13:30 Right wing, MA

Malin Viola Wennberg – Sustainable Fashion Advocate at heart, works as a communications manager at Mistra Future Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mistra Future Fashion is an interdisciplinary research program aimed at systemic changes in the fashion industry and society. The program has a unique system perspective, operating in a consortium with 15 research partners and more than 50 industry partners. Mistra Future Fashion is founded and funded mainly by the Swedish MISTRA Foundation for Strategic Environmental Studies. The total budget is 110 million SEK and is designed for 8 years, from 2011 to 2019. The program is supported by RISE, Sweden's Research Institutes.

Presentation of the ECCO LEATHER FACTORY PETIT project

09.09 18:30 ECCO space, MA

ECCO celebrates its 25th anniversary in Ukraine this fall! In honor of the anniversary, together with INTERTOP Ukraine, the brand will for the first time present in Ukraine the unique ECCO Leather Factory Petit as part of Ukrainian Fashion Week. This craft mini-factory will show guests the whole process of leather processing and the technology for creating finished products that participants in the workshops will be able to try on their own.

ECCO is a legendary brand from Denmark, which for over 50 years has been one of the three largest shoe manufacturers in the world. This is the only company that completely controls all stages of production and sales: from direct processing of the skin to trying on the model by its potential owner in the store. Scandinavian design, maximum comfort and thorough quality control are the main criteria when creating ECCO collections.

Lecture "WEB-fashion. Modern technologies: challenges and opportunities" Fabio di Nicola (IED-Istituto Europeo di Design, Italy)

04.09 14:00 Rignt wing, MA

The Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 will host an open lecture by Master Fashion Design Coordinator IED-Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and Florence – Fabio di Nicola.

Since 1988, Fabio di Nicola is a stylist of his own brand of men's clothing. At the same time, he advises and collaborates with well-known fashion companies. Fabio created clothing for the filming of the film by German director Wim Wenders Palermo shooting, as well as A perfect day by Ferzan Ozpetek, Different from those, Albakiara. In 2008, Fabio designed the official design of the Bologna F.C. Fabio di Nicola also collaborated with musicians, in particular with Subsonica, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Quortet Solis.

You can register here.


For Ukrainian Fashion Week, the sustainable fashion movement is a priority in recent years.

BE SUSTAINABLE! Is an interdisciplinary project by UFW, created in collaboration with the Sustainable Fashion Pad. The mission of the project is to promote the ideas of sustainable development and contribute to the development of the progress of the Ukrainian fashion industry. The project was created to interact with the audience in two ways: through a physical space (interactive space) and a lecture hall.

The lecture hall serves as a training platform aimed at creating a productive dialogue between the audience and the fashion community. This season, the lecture hall will consist of lectures from leading Ukrainian and international experts on sustainable development and the panel discussion “Be Sustainable: From Challenge to Reality”, which will bring together representatives of the scientific and fashion communities working in various fields.

The interactive space combines a demonstration of sustainable practices, design, social responsibility and technological innovation – with the goal of integrating these elements into the Ukrainian fashion industry.


Ukrainian Fashion Week supports young talents and creates the conditions for their development.

That is why, in March 2000, Ukrainian Fashion Week launched the Poglyad u Maybutnє Contest of young fashion designers, and in 2003 and 2006, New Names and Fresh Fashion projects. Since 2014, Ukrainian Fashion Week has combined the shows of participants in these projects, creating in the official UFW program a separate day dedicated to young designers – New Generation Day.

This year, the 20th All-Ukrainian contest of young clothing designers "Poglyad u Maybutnє" took place. Eighteen contestants presented their collections in the final, who were selected from more than a hundred applicants at the stages of the competition in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. The most successful of them will appear on the Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 catwalk under the New Names platform.

EPSON DIGITAL FASHION is an international format that will be held in Ukraine for the fourth time. The show on the main catwalk of Ukrainian Fashion Week will present 8 finalists of the competition – they will demonstrate copyright prints and collections of printed fabrics. Awarding ceremony will take place immediately after the show – the best receive 3 professional prizes from Epson, publish collections on the leading portal and train one of the winners in the IED-Istituto Europeo di Design course.

The SS20 season will be closed by the final show of the SAFE FASHION social contest from Rozetka and Ukrainian Fashion Week. In the performance format, a collection of finalists of the competition will be presented, the purpose of which is not only to support young designers, but also to update the topic of pedestrian safety on the road.

The SAFE FASHION collection will be shown on September 4 at 19:30 – right at the pedestrian crossing in front of the Mystetskyi Arsenal.


Ukrainian Fashion Week presents the Municipal Project for the first time.

A completely new project initiated by the organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week in a special space format will familiarize the fashion audience with the leading brands working with street aesthetics: AATSUIII, ACT.1, ARCH, DFF, Keep, Métrique, Riot Division.

People of different ages and occupations can increasingly be found in the clothes of these brands on the streets of Ukrainian cities. Interest is growing among fans abroad. Practical everyday things that are indispensable for the urban environment have long become a part of Ukrainian street style. And especially when it comes to cultural or art events, the high concentration of domestic brands in one space illustrates the best way possible for the audience’s dedication to things inspired by Ukraine.

To attend all the events of the Municipal Project, guests can register on and receive an electronic invitation that will allow them to visit the space for free from August 31 to September 4.

You can register here.


September 3, "FREEDOM FINANCE UKRAINE" invites to the pre-premiere screening of the film "Brilliant couturier" from KyivMusicFilm.

"Brilliant couturier" is a documentary about the last years of Yves Saint Laurent and his Fashion House. For almost three years, Olivier Meiro received exclusive access to the workshops of the House of Yves Saint Laurent, where his legendary founder prepared his latest collections. Work on the film was completed back in 2001, but Pierre Berger, partner of Saint Laurent, opposed the release of the picture. Only at the end of 2015, 7 years after the death of Saint Laurent, did Berger change his mind and give the go-ahead for the release of the picture.

"Brilliant couturier" is something more than a biographical tape about one of the most brilliant designers of our time. This is a documented story of the beginning of the end and physical decline. This is the moment when creative inspiration seems unattainable by something, and the beautiful bright world that you created throughout your life is destroyed right before your eyes.


The partner of the Freedom Finance UKRAINE show is an investment company, a professional participant in the Ukrainian stock market: a securities trader and depository institution. A reliable partner and expert in the field of investment, is included in the TOP-5 traders in the Ukrainian stock market. Makes investments understandable and affordable.

Schedule Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 can be found on the link.


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