Unexpectedly: H & M will sell vintage clothes in second-hand
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Unexpectedly: H & M will sell vintage clothes in second-hand © instagram.com/hm

The famous Swedish clothing brand H & M knows how to surprise its loyal customers. For example, a brand previously launched a mini-series on its YouTube channel. And now it became known that H & M will sell vintage clothing in second-hand.

By the way, while the brand launches a pilot project for the sale in Sweden. Later – in other countries.


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This part of the industry is developing rapidly. This will provide great opportunities for consumers and reduce the negative impact on the environment, as it will prolong the life of old things.
Anna Hedda, Chair of Sustainable Development, told H & M.

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It is worth noting that the pilot project is being launched together with the Swedish second-hand Sellpy. Items can be purchased at H & M and Other Stories.

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