Victoria Beckham about personal style and perfect autumn wardrobe
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With the start of the new season, the question arises of how to update the wardrobe and what things are worth paying attention to. In an interview for Vogue, Victoria Beckham talked about her fall-winter 2019/2020 collection, personal style and things that every woman should have.

Victoria Beckham at the Victoria Beckham Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Fashion Show

What inspired you to create the Victoria Beckham Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Collection?

The collection has a lot of cinematic: each image resembles a separate scene from the film. The lineup has a strong color palette that looks very fresh and exciting. As for the cut and silhouettes, they are always inspired by men's clothing.

What are your favorite items in the collection?

I like high waist pants. This is the perfect silhouette that visually makes you taller. And a black jacket with big shoulders. I also like the inherent atmosphere of the collection of the 1970s. I personally like to wear clothes in the style of this era.

Victoria Beckham fall-winter 2019/2020

What are the 5 things that should be in the wardrobe of every woman?

The perfect black suit that can serve both casual and evening outfits. A perfect-fit shirt that you can wear with a pair of jeans and then dress it in the evening. Something knitted. Although good knitwear is hard to find, it is a very good investment. And, of course, the perfect dress.

Do you have the perfect style tip?

You should always be comfortable with what you are wearing. If you are not comfortable, then you will radiate this energy. Stay true to yourself.

Victoria Beckham fall-winter 2019/2020

How would you describe your style?

I would like to think that I do not look too intricate or complicated … I always strive to look honest.

Which women inspire you?

There are so many women in this world that I love and who inspire me every day. Speaking directly about style, I'm crazy about Cate Blanchett. She is luxurious, incredibly talented and never wrong. She is so elegant, so sophisticated and also mom. I don’t know how she does all this and looks so elegant.

Victoria Beckham fall-winter 2019/2020

Do you have fashion embargoes and personal moments for which you are ashamed?

I do not like when people go out in dresses with high cuts and do not wear underwear. Most often this can be found on the red carpet, but I still do not like this. When I look at how I dressed in the past, I smile because it made me who I am now. There are things that I would not wear now, but not because I am ashamed. I was just there, I wore it, and that’s it.

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